This Truffle-Filled Cream of Mushroom Tastes Like a Million Bucks

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Million Dollar Cream of Mushroom:
We might have grown up with cream of mushroom soup from a can, but we have grown up now. So many of us in the Northwest love cooking with wild mushrooms. How can we honor the OG soup of our childhood memories? We can make the most decadent, delicious cream of mushroom soup base of our adult palates and desires.

We love mushrooms here at ChefSteps and it is the season for wild mushrooms. We made this base with a variety of them: porcini, chanterelle, morel, ​and King oyster. Wild mushrooms are seasonal and at the mercy of the weather, plus the luck of your local forager. During the development of this recipe, we were able to obtain porcini mushrooms, but by the time we filmed the video, we couldn’t get any. So, in the recipe, we mention some great substitutes.

Also, the weeks during which we developed this recipe was fresh truffle season, with some beautiful white Alba truffles from Piedmont, Italy showing up at Pike Place Market. They are expensive and heavenly. Since we decided to make the cream of mushroom soup base of our dreams, we included them here.

Of course, we don’t expect that most of you will be able to afford imported white truffles for the soup base. You don’t need them to make this base spectacular. Use the wild mushrooms you like best to make the best cream of mushroom base you have ever tasted.


Azfaru says:

Ewww pretty gross for the dude to come and double dip it. Very selfish

Eclipsing Sun says:

A $150 cream of mushroom that has both (fake) truffle oil and real truffle together. Opulence much.

Leo Romania says:

Weed is more expensive than those truffles 😁

William Naab says:

Use Xanthan gum instead of flour for this. Much better.

Allyn says:

Why add truffle oil if there is no truffle in truffle oil ?

Merry Johnson says:

i wish i could make that! omg looks so tasty! but too expensive for me. oh well! still fun to watch and dream.

The I says:

Grant can't stands lol

The I says:

You added the truffle oil already. Also mushrooms without garlic helloooo

Miky says:

You should use white truffle raw to appreciate it 100%, the heat just spoils its aroma! Black truffles otherwise give their best with the heat.

Nabiel Michael Elsissi says:

Why is the boss always behaving so badly ?

Projjwal Ray-6 says:

American's conversion process goes: pounds -to-> ounces -to-> grams!
Rest of the world: Faceplam!!

Andrew Tozier says:

DON'T COOK WHITE TRUFFLES! Why would you do that?!?!?

9 words says:

im addicted to msg

Barbara Click says:

A written recipe that I don’t have to chase all over to find ( assuming you have one)
I can read, and know how to follow a recipe…I need INGREAND AMOUNTS

Walter White says:

Is it just me or did he say it’s not done then boom he say it’s done … video over

scent007 says:

Kyl is a wonderful addition to the team. Great personality

pharaohseyes says:

WTH, Gram, 🤢🤮

Alessandro Luciani says:

What's its shelf life?

Tina Bai says:

Honestly this is the “dream” of mushroom.

Jack Li says:

This is really good recipe, I love it. And I have a question about sous vide. Which one is good to use?

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