World's Vegan City!

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FutureGMChess says:

For all the Indians taking to the comments, this is a single city okay?

vs gaming FF says:

Bro india has it all

Auto Lee says:

Nas daily: this video contains no meat
Also Nas daily: shows a pig in the vid

the rock says:

0:58 this is my kingdom come

Subashini says:

A country with higher number of vegetarian is??

Lakshmi Kumari says:

Am from India I also eat veg

Jeostar Warrior says:

looks like a city that ı cant live

Phanthom Knight says:

Plants also feel pain not just animals they are living things to ya know

paploo perters says:

Title: World's Vegan City!
Thumbnail: Am I joke to you?

Bawal Chiz says:

This place : 200K people vegan
Le many villages of India : Hold my vegan 🍻 beer

Webby Rat says:



Nothing can replace MEAT!!

Sasha Blouse says:

“i eat meat”
“i don’t eat Pork”

S o f t a says:

That one piece of ham in the grocery store: am I joke to you?

mohammed yousuf says:

Isreal rlly trash dog 🐶

The relatable lemon says:

The vegan teacher did something wow

R zar says:

You can't live forever eating meat but you can live forever eating vegetables

The Mario Expert says:

I’m going to eat meat here

Sumit Saggar says:

For more vegan recipes they should visit india

A1920 Gaming says:

There is a city called vegan city

ThatVeganTeacher-This was where I was born

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