Gratin Dauphinois (Creamy Potato Bake) | All Time French Classics

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Join my online French cooking classes πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³: BECOME A STUDENT OF OUR FRENCH ONLINE CULINARY SCHOOL TODAY! The gratin dauphinois is one of the most commonly served side dish in France and knowing how to make a good gratin is a must if you like French food. make sure you use potatoes that suited for roasting

The list of ingredients and the written recipe is on the website


Halil Emre Mumcu says:

Thanks to CarΓͺme and NapolΓ©on πŸ™πŸ˜‡

Mark W says:

I mean…I would totally be able to eat an entire casserole of these

E Johnson says:

What kind of potato? Waxy or another, like Idaho, white, etc.


No Gruyere?


Interesting. Some recipes parboil the potatoes in the milk/cream first. Is that not necessary?

Full Moon Society says:

That processor is brilliant really…

Sheryl Childers says:

Literally just trying to learn how to pronounce this – American, French & English chefs all say it different, but this guy wins

Amen [RA] says:

So… cheese?

All My Sleeping Cats says:

I too never thought I'd enjoy a cooking tutorial as much as i do yours…One question–when I made this dish, I checked my counter and I still had a fair amount of butter remaining (I made the dish for 8 using your website conversions) –I also frankly had a lot extra nutmeg, pepper, and salt. The milk / cream portions seemed correct / accurate–but what about all the extra butter when we only used it to lather the base of the pan? Thanks, however, for a delightful course.

Dana Cole says:

Wheres The CHEESE????

NN Jonsson says:

Is this the classic pommes de terre dauphinoise recipe? I was perhaps wrongly taught to use more garlic and some mature cheese. Interesting.

dominicwalli says:

In the restaurant were i worked,we would usually put the gratin in the fridge, and carve it the day after

city3015 says:

How this is better than 100 other recipes?

Chris E says:

Did i understood in France you serve it cold?

Alexander Kartashov says:

we had this with some cheese on top, and also warming up potato slices in cream with some herbs and then cooling them before arranging the gratin. It kinda speeds up the cooking and helps to extract the herb flavor , but not very classic i suppose.

John Spillett says:

really really enjoyable many thankws from New Zealand

revelwoodie says:

I made this tonight, it was wonderful!

Loyi Kyong says:

2021 and saving this recipe. Yummy! Merci!

Tony InLosAngeles says:


MrWilfork75 says:

Needs cheese my friend lol

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