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vegetables cooked with basmathi rice
Vegetable biryani


15 grams almonds
1 bag biryani masala
100 grams carrots
15 grams cashew nuts
100 grams cauliflower
200 grams curds
40 grams fried onions
1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
3 number gr chilli sliced
1 tsp kala jeera
40 grams mint
100 ml oil
50 grams paneer
100 grams potatoes
300 grams rice
1 to taste salt
1 tsp whole garam masala

Take a pan add oil,garam masala,saute it add jeera,ginger garlic paste,vegetables cut little bit long size mix well and add salt,need to cook till they are half cooked.

now add mint,coriander,green chillies,biryani masala mix half cup of curd,add paneer

Soak rice for 1 hr in a bowl.

Now boil water add rice to it, ,the rice to be cooked half (70%) and strain the rice.

Take a biryani bowl add half of the cooked vegetables spread all over the pan add some curd,nuts if required,salt,fry onions,add half rice, repeat the same process again.

Lastly add fried onions,bread,close it with a lid,and cook it for 5 min in a very slow flame.

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Kareem Mulla says:


MD. salman says:

13 years ago Naa 😳😳😳

Srimathi Sree N V S says:

I tried this it was very nice and tasty. Thankyou Sir. Pl share veg cutlet recipe sir

Mandakini Nair says:

Hi ur recipe's r really simple v can make it easily at home. I hv one query what should b the ration of rice and vegetable for veg biryani. I hope u will reply.

Kunjal Sahu says:

still watching in 2020 👌 u r the best and ur recipe looks promising

רוחמה עזורי says:

Today i made it for the first time in my life and…hmm hmm hmmm so yummy it was. Thank you for this so tasty 😋 recipe

Sandeep Paunikar says:

After almost 10 years I'm still watching this video making veg biryani like this. It's July 2020,

shanthi kumar aluri says:

Sir tell me what gramasala used sir

FoodbymyMum says:

Amazing recipe

Pankaj Nath says:

I miss the Sanjay Thumma of old.

Pankaj Nath says:

I don't get the dislikes.

Kripa n_n says:

Wow, thank you so much for giving us your secrets

Bita Haji says:

I cooked it right now for lunch. Smells good and taste great.
I love Indian foods. And I cook most often and I love your recipes.👌🏻♥️

Jyotsna Vadali says:

Hello Vachef. I have always followed this Biryani recipe but never commented here. But I have to tell you that this is by far the best biryani I have tried making. It is simple, easy and tastes yummy. Thank you for everything. I came to US 7 years ago and I literally learned cooking following your style. Thank you for being a mentor for fun cooking. Your dialogues and style are epic. Thank you. 🙂

Sujatha Gokhale says:

If you also add ready made masala how we will learn

Lathimy Gopal says:

2020 anyone

RK Gramani says:

In olden days in Tamizh , there was one cook he was called as NALLAN.
I give you the TITLE NALLAN

Vinaya Kollure says:

You are great sir

Sujata Roy says:


Aruna Sree S says:

explained like a teacher.u r a good teacher.thank u.

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