Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

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Vegetarian dinner recipes anyone can make.

Join Beth for more fun menus!


Stuffed Mushroom Caps – 0:59
White Bean Soup – 3:29
Pizza Bread – 4:58
Spinach Lasagna – 6:29
Antipasto Salad – 10:27
Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream – 11:54
Pre-Party Prep (The Game Plan) – 13:53


Stuffed Mushroom Caps –

White Bean Soup –

Pizza Bread –

Spinach Lasagna –

Antipasto Salad –

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream –



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Tania Marsden says:

where do I get the actual recipes from the video splease?

wanttoloveasitis says:

Please more vegetarian ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Love it!

All the good stuff says:

I tried the links to the shows and error.. the site says page might be removed

Sanahas Kuranage says:

this deserves way more likes!

Krisha Meisheri says:

Okay but apparently vegetarians don't eat egg as well as parmesan cheese.

john chapman says:

turn off the bloody music, couldn't watch

daansha says:

Hi Beth, as a veggie I love your recipes. I am a big fan of your channel. I need your help with a soup. How to make red bell pepper soup with a tangy flavour? If you can ever do a recipe I will be the first to try out. Thank you. Greetings from Holland.. Danielle

Judy Fleming says:

Bel Gioioso has a parmesan made with vegetable rennet

Aloka Dey says:

Egg is not vegetarian

Elize Valen says:

How can you call it a cooking channel when you use store bought vegetable brought and pizza dough? It´s as simple as water, flour, salt and butter…

Passionate Paintress says:

vegans eat parm?

Your Best Self UAE says:

Great channel! Keep up the good vibes 🙂

Judy Fleming says:

Hi, Belgioioso carries a vegetarian parmesan.  Technically, it's not supposed to be called parmesan, but it is the same thing just not made with animal rennet.

Judy Fleming says:

I'm not sure why people think eggs and cheese are not vegetarian. I am vegetarian and eat eggs and dairy. It is not vegan, but can be vegetarian if it is not made with animal rennet. The only problem is, it technically cannot be called Parmesan if it does not contain animal rennet, yet it still tastes like parmesan.

Rob Rob says:

Beth is the best in the Kin family.

Castadiva Norma says:

Everything looks very nice but i think the music is too loud

ELYON says:

When you add eggs is not Vegitarian. .

Akua Royal says:

EGGS!??! SUBSTITUTE PLEASE ANYONE? It was going so well then came the chesse and eggs…eyes rolling..

Neeta Hanzra says:

Hi I don't use egg and any cheese that contains any stuff that comes from animals by killing them ( that includes leather as well )but I don't mind dairy products as long as it's gained ethically. So m I a vegan or vegetarian ? I always have to explain I don't eat eggs and certain cheeses but I don't mind dairy products 😂😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄🙄😥😥😥😥 so confusing.😏😏😏😏

Ella Wolfe says:

the soup was a bit gritty and bland but that could just be my fault, and not the recipe. anyways everything else was very good!

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