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Good gravy is fundamental to a great Christmas dinner. A great gravy starts with a good stock, so this recipe shows you how to create the whole thing from scratch. This is more involved, but produces a darker, more complex result, with deep flavours and a dark caramel colour.

Full recipe on our website:


Gill Raven-Pipes says:

Mmmm, yummy gravy, thank you, inspiring work! 😊💕

Lisa Plutoni says:

Gravy made in time for Christmas dinner and it is delicious! Thank you 😊 Merry Christmas 🎄

Catherine Howard says:

Thank you! Gravy made.
I've never been confident with making gravy, but this was a great recipe and I'm looking forward to my Christmas dinner!

Renee Binyon says:

Love it! Always trying various things to get that deep colour & flavour, but this looks so easy. Thank you!

Anita Currie says:

I always struggle with gravy but this looks so easy, will definitely be having a go 😊

Graham says:

Bloody Marvellous! Thanks Bob.

Alex says:

……….. Just found this site ~ informative, straightforward delivery, easy to follow, no pretentious nonsense …. Thanks …………..keep 'em coming

Joanna Dumitrascu says:

Brilliant! Just brilliant!

Bob Jevons says:

Straightforward bloke shows us a straightforward recipe. Perfect. Thank you.

Lynn Andrews says:

Looks delicious, will be doing that this year.

Ariela Jaeger says:

Love your kooking… style… so good to have found you guys!! Inspirational and so sympathetic!! Lots of love… luck… health… happy.. happy holidays to you all!

Nadine Robson says:

Oh yum! Will definitely be giving this a go- thank you!

FlowerGrower Smith says:

You beauty! Just what I needed – beautiful recipe and demo. Thank you for putting this video out guys..

Emma says:

Definitely one to try for Christmas 😋🌲☃️🌲 😋 thank you

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