How Watch Jazzy Went From Poppin’ Bottles To Breaking The Internet | Social Awards

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Watch Jazzy has over 971K followers on her Instagram but combined with her YouTube channel she’s already hit her first million! The Instagram comedian performs hilarious skits and continues to be grind hard and be booked & busy!

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Larri Lindsey says:

She is beautiful

Melanin Senpai says:

She is so beautiful 😍😍😘

Joey Mejia says:

Iam a door Handel to the drug trade rember you eat fried chicken and poop

Joey Mejia says:

And iam not that famous

Joey Mejia says:

That's why never bought a belt

Joey Mejia says:

You guys are really the future of music think like if your going meet Michael Jackson each first demo

cherishdeb says:

Such a great personality, so real, so dope and so beautiful.

RosaLyNNTV says:


Waheedah's Recipes says:

What a wonderful and beautiful young sprits be blessed in life

Yorkie Terriers says:

Brands knoe what they are getting. A big butt no chest and huge mouth

Just Re says:

Love and her vibe😍

La'Trea says:

She started from the bottom
Now she's here! Yasss!!!

JT Vlogs says:

She dont need make up, she's actually prettier without it

Javenna Bellinger says:

“Grind It Out”!!!!
So true. So many people miss their blessings by worrying about how many likes they received or did not receive!!! It’s about the Content keep grinding and people will NOTICE!!!!
Congratulations Young Lady!!!👏

Pulse Music says:

Is this the lady from 50 Central? Good story…Keep up the content BET.

Shannon Suo says:

Oh so this is why Wendy got up “The Jazzy Show” 👀


She is so beautiful, love her vibes 👍

Coco B says:

I'm sorry I've never heard if her gonna look her up

Temi Mine says:

Heyyy I know that probably ńobody will read this but for the person whó reading this, ít will really màke my Day!👍Have Successful life and I wish you the best of luck ìn the future.❤️! I know fàme doesn’t happen easily but Im trying my bést to become a succéssful Musician. I make all sorts of Meme video ! Wish me the best of Luck and hélp my Channel Reach

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