Dinner Under 35 Mins! | Lemon & Garlic- Butter Chicken With Roasted Broccoli & Mashed Potatoes

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Mercedes Brooks says:

Get kitchen necessities for that gorgeous kitchen like a potato 🥔 smasher, a good knife 🔪 set. N that’s a nice pan .. shouldn’t use a fork 🤷🏽‍♀️

Mercedes Brooks says:

So u said it wasn’t sponsored 🧐was this before or after they cut u off ?

Bella says:

Y’all subs don’t care about this girl, letting her cook with those sad knives 💀

Dianna Marie says:

Jazz, have you ever tried cheese on Broccoli? It is really good and the twins might try it. Here's one for carrots! Use baby carrots, cook them, then add butter and honey. YUMMY!

Jessica Frith says:

Where did you put the sauce you made? Didn't see it on the chicken

Jessica Frith says:

Jazz did you reveal the gender? Did i miss it?

beautiful Queen says:

She should get a crock pot ….

Camille says:

Hey Jazzy love those frames . Where did you get them from? I’m currently getting ready to purchase new glasses 🤓 .

Elizabeth Cruz says:

So proud of you! You’re listening to suggestions watching you feed the kids chicken that you made and broccoli and potatoes you made warms my heart. Continue to do better. These foods are much healthier.

Olivia Howard says:

The girls hair still looks cute

ReMe Today says:


proudwifeproudmomof4boys says:

I love your hair jazzy and your a wonderful mom and person I pray God bless you all in many ways

Tina Luna says:

Loved watching your video. God Bless you and your beautiful family.💕

michelle leblanc says:

Really enjoying your cooking videos , continue to keep moving forward : )

sharice turnipseed ReRe world🍺 says:

Looks 😋 I am going to try this recipe. Great video jazz😃

sharice turnipseed ReRe world🍺 says:

Love the 🎵

Indiana Sunshine says:

Loved your smile. That was a good looking meal. I do think you should give instructions while cooking.

Jeannie says:

Hey Jazz… to prevent your cutting board from sliding, grab a thin towel, wet it some then wring it out so it's damp. Lay it on your counter before putting the cutting board down and the damp towel will act as a grip. Also get you a potato masher from the dollar tree so whenever you mash potatoes again, you'll have one. With a little milk and some butter the mashing process will be smoother. Everything looked good❣

Keshia Jemiri says:

Please help yourself and your family get rid of White table Salt.. Hymalayan pink salt is Healthier.

Keshia Jemiri says:

Broccoli has it's own natural taste , no need for all the sodium… Just a little Butter garlic powder steam 6to8 minutes.
If you want the health benefits.

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