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I am back with my third VEGAN MEAL PREP video. Really happy with the feedback fro my last two vegan meal preps. High protein meal prep & budget meal prep. I decided to make a simple healthy vegan meal prep this time. Filled with beautiful flavours, colours & nutrients. In the video for breakfast I make a sweet quinoa fruit salad, vegetable pasta, Spanish one pot stew & chocolate orange energy balls. 4 days worth of meals for you & your family. Store the meals in your fridge & eat with in 4 days.

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Kristal says:

It looks really good. How did you prepare a quinoa salad? I prepare similar pot food.

Lynn Ryerson says:

Hi, the recipe link for this video does not work. Please update the link.
🙏🏽 Thank You

Julia Herrera says:

I just made the Dates and it was amazing!! It felt like that fanciest desert/chocolate I’ve ever had

Gosia Gosława says:

I just find your channel. Thank you, propably you just safed my life. Due to my body condition I had to go on vegetarian diet and since then I was strugling with well balanced meals. Now I know what exacly I can do and even for a few days as I prefare. Good luck for you!

Viktoria Hwang says:

The link to the recipe no longer works, could you update it ?

Nejla Hassett says:

I'd like to try some of this meal prep, but finding it difficult to find the recipes… 🙂

Eddy Ebenezer says:

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WonLove says:

Amazing! Thank you 😋😋

Andrew says:

are the hanging plants in your kitchen real?

Shane Kristian says:

Started veganism yesterday. Thank you for keeping these videos posted.

elena ceausescu says:

you must try to cook some Romanian food too, like vegan 'sarmale'. xx

Therealiysis says:

omg I’m definitely going grocery shopping today I’ve been wanting to meal prep for awhile but this one actually look SOOOO good. Thank you for sharing! 🤎

Steven Chaplin says:

Check the stew!

Camila Smith says:

I couldn't thank you enough for the AMAZING prep videos. You are saving my life!

Anna M says:

I loved this until you said dates haha but still absolutely wonderful

Angelica Tickle says:

I meal prep vegan every week and I made this one and couldn't stand to eat it. The quinoa breakfast was so weird. The soup was not tasty…. Just saying. The lunch wasn't bad, just not satisfying

Emily Autumn says:

I've made the spanish stew with fresh vegetables and lots of seasonings it was super delicious thank you !!! <3 <3 <3 3

Victoria Callan says:

The link to the ingredients/recipe list is broken

Laura Petit says:

My garden is finishing up for the winter and I have all the ingredients for that amazing looking stew. I'm saving this video. Live the quinoa idea too. Who knew it was a sweet breakfast food.

Georgina Bonner says:

Hello! I can't fined this on your site!

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