Homemade Watermelon Sorbet, Taco Night & Tried and True Cheesecake Factory Vegan Meal! | KUWTF Vlog

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Catie Christine says:

I know you love your sweet potatoes, but have you ever had a spicy sweet potato and black bean taco? It’s so good. You just dress it up as you would a taco. Love that sorbet machine!

Paula Leach says:

The watermelon sorbet looks delicious. The tacos also look great. Have fun with your parents, & have a wonderful week!

Luvcoffee says:

Those tacos looked delish!! Cheesecake Factory made me drool and OHH my goodness that storm was intense! 😱Looks like a beautiful area you guys are in! May God always bless your sweet family! 💕

Dreamysunshine says:

Wow… That weather looked scary… Looks like a Halloween night lol

Shawn Loreth says:

Yes cheese on the hot 'meat' then all the veggies after. Lol

Kim VeggieMama22 says:

I was thinking: vodka would work in that sorbet! 🙂 I know you're not a vodka girl, but….it would be perfection.

jules1210 says:

I'm getting the ice cream maker. Love the size. Can't wait till it's available.

Natalie Wisler says:

All those greens for those tacos 🌮 made my eyes just light up! So beautiful 🌱🤩

Natalie Wisler says:

The reactions you guys had when you added the mint was so cute 😂🌿

each_day_is_new says:

I moved from Cali to St. George Utah 4 yes ago same thing culinary water oh man the adjustment but it becomes normal . The first summer experiencing the desert monsoon season we were like ok lightning thunder pouring wow it's a thing town had flooding in places what the? We actually look forward to that rain now . The heat is still a challenge for me but winter in the desert is nice . Cool ice cream machine bet oat milk with peaches and cinnamon would be like peach cobbler kinda.

Terra W says:

You guys are adorbs! I was thinking aquafaba in place of that egg white in the sorbet would work purrrrfectly as a binder! 😻

April Ryan says:

Love you guys! Playing catch-up again, congratulations on move and promotion ❤️❤️❤️

Daniel Levine says:

i think evelyn's pasta needs a swap too from the original sauce to olive oil if I'm not mistaken. that's how it is at my cheesecake factory because the sauce has dairy in it. cheesecake factory avocado toast is also a great option! i really enjoy it

Daniel Levine says:

omg those tacos look SO GOOD! taco bell is SHOOK. all you need is to pour a bunch of hot sauce on nates tacos as if you didn't annoy him enough during the making of your dinner LOL

Daniel Levine says:

that watermelon looks absolutely lovely! … but I don't like watermelon. definitely might try that recipe with some other fruit… maybe pineapple! my brother and sister in law have an ice cream machine so I might try and copy your idea!

Mercy says:

Everything looks absolutely amazing!

Stephanie Da Silva - Caffeine Queen ♡ says:

Hey hey lovely! Happy Sunday

Lisa Lopez says:

Good morning. 😄😄

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