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This week’s vegan news: Wild animal circuses are now banned in England. After wrapping its final season, vegan “Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik becomes a restaurant owner.

Dunkin’ revamps its menu with vegan breakfast sausage sandwiches made with Beyond Meat. The rumors are true – vegan power couple Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara are officially engaged.

Baskin-Robbins launches vegan ice cream in the middle of summer. Thor is a vegan woman now, as Natalie Portman takes over the hammer from Chris Hemsworth. It was announced at San Diego’s Comicon that Portman will play the hero in 2021’s “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

Sixteen-year-old vegan activist Greta Thunberg teams up with British pop-punk band the 1975. She lends her voice to a track about climate rebellion, which will appear as the opening track on the group’s upcoming album “Notes on a Conditional Form.”

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Who is your favorite vegan superhero?
More vegan superpowers can be found here 👉🏾

Jørgen Fallet Mosand says:

7:38 Like what is the point of that statement?

Is she insinuating that we abuse female animals more than male animals? And there is something about gender inaquality in the animal world? We abuse animals regardless of gender. Like the male chickens get murdered cus they can't make eggs. Male cows get turned in to circus death machines for entertainment females get raped, yeah it's horrible all of it.

. It's a weird take.

Frank Williams says:

Big Marvel geek. Definitely excited! Great show, as usual.

Jennifer Knerr says:

so cruel to force those animals to do unnatural things they would otherwise never do!! so sad they are slaves, deprived and ripped from their habitats and families. MY FAVORITE VEGAN HERO IS …….ALL OF THEM strength is in numbers keep the kind hearted coming!!!! bless all

Denis Cullis says:

Brilliant .vid xxden vegan xx

o m says:

Is Dunkin really vegan? It looked to have cheese and egg in it.

M D says:

The problem I faced when ordering this vegan sandwich at Dunkin is the fact that if they are offering the vegan patty , why not go a step further and add the vegan cheese and eggs. Instead I was offered real eggs and a vegan patty. How does that make any sense? I was very disappointed. So if you do order this, make sure you tell them no cheese and no eggs, unless they are also vegan.

7rue Op1n1on says:

Female Thor?!??! I'm out

TodaysRealHealth says:

British TV show MEAT THE FAMILY needs to be done in every country worldwide.
Producers, Directors, and Filmmakers, get it done!!!! Now, we want to see this.

evezford says:


Henrey says:

I will follow those who follow me on YouTube✌🏻😀👍🏻 I DO VEGAN FOOD🥘 VLOGS AND CLEAR ALIGNERS VLOGS 😁AS OF RIGHT NOW

Edward Peeters says:

Natalie Portman is not vegan, pretty sure she stated she ate eggs during pregnancy or something

Jaen Martens says:

Did you say Greta Thunberg is 16?? Love Natalie! Not sure why she would play Thor as a woman. She’s an actor, she can play the character as a male.

Baker Sweezy says:

if theyre going to make a "vegan" breakfast sandwich why not go all the way and get a substitute egg and cheese that are also vegan.. so half assed

D Lehmann says:

The climate change is Cyclical- it has ALWAYS occurred on this planet…. VEGANISM STANDS ON IT"S OWN!! Even though its impact may ripple along many paths and impact many paths. If one wants to STRENGTHEN and INFLUENCE with the Vegan lifestyle PLEASE don't Exploit the Lifestyle for your own agenda- politcal or otherwise.. That will only deter people from incorporating this Healthy, Loving and Freeing Lifestyle. BE CAREFUL …

D Lehmann says:

Making the connection between VEGANISM And FEMINISM is a HUGE MISTAKE! Veganism stands on it's own- it has nothing to do with FEMINISM

D Lehmann says:


CashewButter&Bananas Forever says:

I thought Natalie Portman went back to eggs and dairy?? I’m confused. Is she still vegan? Legitimately??

Phat Vegan says:


Bradley Bruvva says:

This news channel always makes me so happy.

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