Top 15 Traditional Russian Foods You Must Try

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Traditional Russian Foods You Must Try
Russian dishes reflect a rich history of interaction with other cultures, resulting in unique foods and tastes.
Many Russian dishes originated as a way of utilizing leftovers but became everyday staples.

Here’s a list of the top 15 traditional food of Russia

1. Borscht
2. Shchi
3. Solyanka
4. Ukha
5. Pirozhki
6. Pelmeni
7. Blini
8. Shashlyk
9. Beef Stroganoff
10. Ikra
11. Smetana
12. Vodka
13. Kvass
15. Pashka
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Girard Narcisz says:

I had eaten some Russian food but I didn't really like them

Rus17 says:

Beef Stroganoff is not Russian. It is a recipe made by a French cook who lived once in Russia and was in the service of the wealthy Stroganoff family.

Charl Gf says:

Wonderful and tasty🤗🤗Lots of ❤❤❤to Russia

Юлия Кирпичева says:

Check how well you know Russian cuisine with this quiz!

Anish Antony says:


Somuchsecrets says:

Hmm Borscht originated in Russia

T-90A Tank says:

Are salmons and caviar cheap in russia?

andy hardini robert says:

Love Russia food❤️

Hal says:

your pronunciation of russian is terrible

Vlad Barannikov says:

She is not pronouncing the names correctly

Win Aung says:

I was three years in Russia and I miss Russian food. Very delicious.

Rebecca Shuman says:

I ❤️ Borscht, Schti, solyenka, piroshki, pelmeni, blini, shlashlik, beef stroganoff, smeneta, vodka lol 😂, & moronzeno. I love Russia 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

Veronika Kaverina says:

Hell ye!! Iim rffrrom russia!! + I love soup with beet.

Legoles says:

If you don't know, vodka is Polish

Mavis says:

This pronunciation man, my ears hurt

spicy1ize says:

Russian food doesn't look Tasty..but it seems Healthy compared to other Countries…I didn't know Beef Stroganoff was Russian.

Gor Mor says:

Ukha is made from the fresh water fish, it has nothing to do with seafood.

Moroccan tasty recipes says:

A very cool post 💖🎉

Soviet Vader says:

it's not blini it's blinchike well that is what in my house because i live in a Russian household so mabye it is called that in other households

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