VEGAN CHEESY BEANS & RICE CASSEROLE » the oil free casserole that will BLOW YOUR MIND!

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Summer time is the perfect season for a cheesy and delicious vegan oil free casserole. This dish is rich and flavorful and can serve a family of four with leftovers to spare for lunch tomorrow. The beans and rice are hearty and satisfying and the vegan cheese sauce makes for the ultimate comfort food. As with all our recipes this dish is refined oil-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, and whole food plant based goodness!


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Mary W says:

Ok. I just made this for my family and cannot believe it but my picky 5 year old who turns her nose to 90% of what I make just ate her whole bowl if this. Thank you! My husband and other kids gave it a thumbs up 👍 and said I should definitely make it again!

Paula Moors says:

I always wondered why you use an onion and onion powder. Thank you for the explanation.

elna nel says:

Here in South Africa being Vegan is frowned upon, but made this Friday and we ate everything. On Sunday I made it again to prep for the week. One of the best recipes so far as we are new Vegans only 4 months in… This is really good….

Lovaine Niblock says:

Can’t wait to make this it looks yummy 😋 thank you 😊

Glorimar Santos says:

Jill!!! You are becoming my favorite on vegan recipes…already subscribed to your webpage…how delicious!!! Healthy!!! Thanks!!!

Phebe Inion says:

I can' catch up with other ingredients.

Fattaneh Moghadami says:

Fantastic as usual. You are the best.

seina white says:

I made this today and it taste wonderful. Thank you for the recipe. 👍

Kim Proulx says:

Just made this tonight. It was really good! Paired it with the cole slaw. YUM!

ann matis says:

Great recipe!.
What do u do for physical exercise to keep in shape Jill??

Lori B says:

Sigh. So difficult just starting out. I miss cheese.

José Maria says:

Very good! I substituted the cashews for almonds and used lime to garnish it.

Brennan Bourne says:

Do you have any recommendations for cashew substitutes? Unfortunately, I am intolerant to cashews. I am not allergic and CAN eat them, but they give me HORRIBLE stomach pains, as the food sensitivity test I took shows I don't digest them properly. They're in most vegan cheese type sauces, but I am hoping to find a close replacement. TIA!

Lonell Fletcher says:

This looks epic!!!!! A perfect dinner time meal ❤️

Jennifer G says:

I made this. It was very delicious. I added a chopped zucchini too.

Grace Hall says:

Wow, i just made this and this is a super amazing dish. WOW!!! SOOOOO DELICIOUS. And the cheese is the best ever tasting vegan cheese. Thank you soooo much!!!

Grace Hall says:

Can i use frozen cauliflower instead of rice? Do you think it will be to watery?

normayestela says:

Wow. This came out delicious. Thanks for your wonderful healthy recipes.

Cathy L. says:

Really nice flavor in this casserole, Jill, and I'll be enjoying it this week! I've recently been more dedicated to eating WFPB (w/ a little slip here and there, honestly!), and between you, Krocks in the Kitchen, and Brittany Jaroudi, you're all keeping my taste buds and belly REALLY happy!!!! Thank you so much for your commitment to this lifestyle, and your thoughtful approach to cooking. One question: I noticed your cheese sauce on the broccoli rice casserole has a bit more nutritional yeast and no Braggs… any particular reason for that change here? Thanks. :o)

Brenda Teather says:

I’m just about to take mine out of the oven. Smelling fabulous!

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