Emilio's Ballato Makes The Best Pasta Bolognese In NYC | Legendary Eats

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Emilio’s Ballato, founded in 1956, has long been a popular spot among celebrities for Italian food in New York City. The walls are decorated with pictures and autographs of stars such as Rihanna, Jon Bon Jovi, Lenny Kravitz, and former President Barack Obama. The no-reservations restaurant is known for its traditional take on Italian American classics like tagliatelle alla Bolognese and veal Parmesan. Insider’s Taryn Varricchio headed to Emilio’s Ballato to see how this famed Nolita restaurant has created an Italian food haven for regular New Yorkers and famous faces alike.

For more, visit: https://www.instagram.com/emiliosballato/
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Emilio’s Ballato Makes The Best Pasta Bolognese In NYC | Legendary Eats


Giuseppe Masia says:


F. Skolnik says:

“I’m nervous.”
Girl, you wore white to taste Bolognese. That’s on you.

Simple Italian Cooking says:

is this about celebrities or about food? Btw "bolognese" sauce is not made of cream, I suggest to call it "newyorkese".. as long as there are people who like it, good for them and the celebs..

N. Tire-Lee says:

What a truly shitty presentation. Hey, VARRICCHIO – Italian surname, right? – can you PRONOUNCE Italian words? A few other issues, but all in all, a really amateurish attempt at restaurant reviewing.

Georgi Karakachanov says:

I love how they slaughtered the word tagliatelle…

Key Word Welder says:

I’m hungry now

city trades says:

All this women talks about is ‘celebrities’ and how we all need to go to a ‘celebrity’ restaurant. I came here to watch some bolognaise whilst I eat my bolognaise, I’m disappointed.

Mitch Barredo says:

Terrible host.


Seats CELEBRITIES next to “regular people,”? BE STILL MY HEART.

Mike O'Horny says:

That Emilio Balato guy STINKS of Mafia and dubiousness. I don't want to know what "secret ingredients" are in that white sauce which they put into the Bolognese…

marcus pete says:

I love it, beef and post, peppers, white wine ( and the secret sauce) – there are always the secret sauce.

collarmole says:


redrobotmonkey says:

Pasta Bolognese is overrated

Alfredo Carneiro says:

That girl is so annoying . Soooooo annoying

DarthAlcoholic says:

Italian-American food? Isn't it just Italian food?!

Mr Mudcatslim says:

Well your leaders killed off the food thing up there New Yawkers.

Enjoy your shuttered favorite places, your gone out of business old haunts. Enjoy your lockdowns.

Voting habits really do matter after all, and your finding out the hard way. Enjoy it all. Want salt with that?

K T says:

I remember this horrible host, who couldn't hold a fork and knife correctly!🤣🤣 They should replace her with someone, who actually knows about food! Her pronunciation of these dishes is pathetic, too.

Cocoon1975 Del Vecchio says:

This is one of the worst bolognese sauce I've ever seen in my life. What is that white thing???

Low key Me says:

It's just sad that someone who's allergic to pork can't eat it

Pompeo Magno says:

"There's only one place to go if you want italian food". Yes, Italy.

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