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Join my online French cooking classes 👨‍🍳: French bistro saute potatoes are delicious. Always slightly crispy and tender at the same time. Today we are looking at the cooking secret behind the french panfried potatoes and how to get them perfect every time.

in this video recipe we are learning how to make French bistro style saute potatoes with onions and a hint of parsley. They will make a wonderful side or an lunch nibble.

Ingredients for a saute potatoes side ( 2 -4) servings:

Half a kilo/ 1.2 pounds of potatoes (suited for frying /roasting)
1 medium size onion (sliced)
3 tablespoons of fresh parsley (chopped)
Salt and pepper for the seasoning
3 tablespoons of peanut (groundnut) oil

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crystal harris says:


Matiga says:

I loved the video, but what's the secret? Isn't this common sense cooking?

Yogi Wahyu Prasida says:

I precook them in microwave, is there any drawback with this method?

King K says:

No sodium bicarbonate to change the Ph of the water so it will alter the surface of the potatoes and oil will have a better grip ?

Bloke About Town says:

Hello Stephane, you mentioned that you used peanut oil when sauteing the potatoes. I was wondering could I use duck fat or will the duck fat burn in the pan if I tried to bring it to a high heat?

prunus75 says:

For this recipe is it better have starchy kind of potatoes? Btw very nice channel, I am actually at school to become chef myself 😃

Courtney Walcott says:

Isn’t this lyonnaise potatoes?

Drew Henderson says:

This is a "must learn" recipe for anyone who likes to cook. After (literally) many years of disappointing saute potatoes, finally I have the secret(s) down.

Three must-have takeaways:

Get the right potatoes. You want potatoes with with medium-high starch content, and preferably a firm, somewhat waxy flesh. Russets are good in the US. Maris Pipers in the UK. Check availability where you live. Five minutes work, and it will be repaid a thousand-fold.

Cut into consistent sizes. Not too big, not too small. And all roughly the same size.

Put cut spuds into COLD water and bring to a boil. DO NOT drop into boiling water.

Lastly: The addition of some onion and parsley takes these from (merely) delicious and into the realm of lip-smackingly heavenly.

Plan roughly 25 minutes for a batch. Three minutes to peel and cut. Seven minutes to bring water to the boil. Then fifteen minutes (total) into the saute pan. Adjust per your experience. But fifteen minutes in reasonably hot oil is enough for them to develop some good color and crispiness, without getting burned or overcooked.

Merci Beaucoup to the French Cooking Academy for this superb recipe! Bon Appetit!

ray lachman says:

Aaahhh j’ai les preparé comme ca ! Delicieux 👍🏻🤗

Shannon Callahan says:

Merci beaucoup, Stefan. Ca sera formidable pour moi et ma famille.

KB NorCal says:

Right on, will try but will sprinkle a pinch of garlic powder on it.

Andy M says:

Peanut oil adds THE BEST flavor to potatoes!!!

Richard A Fuhrman says:

Great channel. Thanks so much. Keep it up, please!

maddierosemusic says:

I made them again. I used more oil than the first time.
Also turned them on each side as they browned.
Then added the onions, and turned it down for 20 minutes at least,
I used normal fresh red potatoes. This dish rocks.

I asked my guests to rate each dish – grilled pork shoulder steak,
Ravioli in marinaria, your bistro potatoes, and
a very fresh salad with mozzarella chunks.

YOUR POTATOES won all 4 of 4 votes!!!!!!!!!

Shane Benson says:

Now my favourite always

Dennis Greene says:

Your videos are great. No chef bullshit. Really like the emphasis on mise en place. Some great tips here.

Edmund Fournier says:

No butter!?!? 😁

Md Likhon Hosseain says:

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maddierosemusic says:

Just made them – Excellent. I had my pieces a little too large and misjudged the timing of the pork chop, but these were great.
Next time, about 1" by 1" pieces. Will go a little faster.

Ste Currie says:

Loving the french food lol

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