Crispy, Juicy and Tender – The Secrets of the Genuine Wiener Schnitzel | Food Secrets Ep. 4

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Schnitzel is eaten all around the world and prepared differently in every locality. But what makes for a genuine Wiener schnitzel? Our series “Food Secrets” delves into the secrets of the one and only Wiener Schnitzel.

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JD. R says:

Veal = baby male dairy cow (calf) thats slaughtered at 14 weeks and kept immobile its entire life and they literally never see the light of day.

You won't catch me eating that !!!

JD. R says:

I'm a huge meat eater but I won't eat veal because I've seen documentaries and its not for me eating a baby cow (calf) and they have no life before being slaughtered… FYI, I won't eat Rudolph either because I love Christmas.

Abye says:

The difference in preparing a schnitzel between a diner and chef who cares is huge!

Sander Van Hove says:

A good to excellent Schnitzel is a piece of Art, with a capital A. I very seldom eat meat, but when I do it is a veal schnitzel cooked by someone who knows his trade. Funny thing: the best one I ate in…….Italy. I wanted to meet the chef, I was allowed to enter the kitchen and she was an Italian beautiful big and lovely Mama who had an Austrian mother who was born in a small town in the surroundings of Wien. Her mother taught her how to make The Schnitzel.

Peter Vlčko says:

i do not understand german. just little. but i can hear that his german is different from german in germany. its funny how ears adapt once you live in foreign country. i have been in london 8 years and i can hear difference in other languages. i did not know it. 😀

edit: is like scottish accent to english that i realized that difference. 🙂

Kurtis Hamm says:

The precursor to Chicken Fried Steak in Texas, but that looks so much better!

123 abc says:

20 odd euros per person. Not cheap but probably worth it.

onelegd1 says:

Great video. I enjoyed learning from everyone in this episode. Now I will be focused on eating a schnitzel again…soon very soon. 😁

tLotS says:

The most important part is getting the highest quality veal.

Monie says:

FINALLY, someone who understands that it's NOT A HOT DOG. Danke.

Dorothy Gale says:

Where I live, I don't even know if there's veal available.

OneBagTravel says:

7:53 Call die Polizei, I love mine with fries.

MsCjcjcjcj says:


No One Special says:

Says, "Don't press the breadcrumbs." Proceeds, by pressing in the breadcrumbs. 👍

Gabriel Moreno says:

um bifão milanesa basicão

On The Right Side says:

Do not eat meat, do not kill animals, be vegans.

Manic Mailman says:

5:02 This man is on a mission.

Magnus Walker says:

My side dish of choise is Haggis 👍

Pepa P says:

It tastes best with tartar sauce, they should learn that in Austria!

Morao da Odem says:

Epic video 👌👌👌 this chef is so down to earth. He loves his simple dish and he's so proud of it. I really hope that I can try this dish in his restaurant one day 🍴😋

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