Questions & Answers // SOUP Classic Motoring 69

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Tales of cars, careers and campaigns…. from the crypt/


Overland Bulgaria 4x4 says:

George, how do you record the videos with stop motion? Do you use Dragonframe and what other tools do you use? Thank you!

luckyal says:

wow congrats on the 100k and you deserve it !!!

Markedone says:

You looked like a young Dave Grohl in those flash back videos.

James McGee says:

Bring us anything. It doesn't even have to be all that good.😂 Stay stuck in, good luck.haha

D Webb says:

LOVE the channel! Keep up the great work with your great cars!

Menno Verschuur says:

Came to the channel for the cars. Stayed for the combination of amazing production values, content and genuine passion. The stop motion and one of the most soothing voices on Youtube make your videos for an almost zen like experience.

Loved the Q&A and the insights it gave in your life and mindset. Coming from a start in a corporate career and subsequently several years traveling the world as a dive bum instead of a surf bum, really connected to some of the choices, doubts and challenges you described. And so random that you were on the Cabrinha Quest, I crossed paths with them quite a few times while sailing the South Pacific. Never expected that coincidence while looking at videos of a guy in a shed fixing rusty cars.

J-エリコ says:

Top tip: attack two bits of bendy tin with a third bit of bendy tin

Precision is essential.

David Sitton says:

Only discovered your channel this week and want to applaud your motivation, style and passion. Looking forward to watching more of your content. Truly inspirational!

Lot 76 CARS says:

100k fantastic achievement

Anderzander says:

Where’ve you gone George !?! We miss you !

Paul Cook says:

A good welder rarely uses his grinder after he has finished the joint, time is money.

Vint-tro says:

We found your Chanel last month, we love it. Congrats on the 100K subs, we’re just hit 333 😂

Mike Costello says:

I'm a Patron and I'll put $50 into a GoFundMyWorkshed campaign. Make it happen!! Imagine how much time you'd save not having to mess around with shifting stuff around a tiny space. We get you want to do it like most people would have to but to be honest, that doesn't translate to the videos., We see great care and attention to a project and only a little laugh is given to the space issue and only if you mention it. Plus this was an awesome hour but I think the first 15 minutes were the best. I live in Brisbane and remember the Best Job in the World competition and the advertisements. It's cool you have a Queensland connection.

never.lift says:

Congratulations on the 100k! The Q+A was a good call, as you've got a very interesting set of stories that have gotten you to where you're at! Not self-indulgent in the least.
I like your line about not just doing work to get it done, but to do it well for yourself – Makes me feel better about slowing down on my own projects to do things the right way.

oblio125 says:

"59 minutes long! I'll watch the first 10 minutes or so". An hour later. " It's over already!!". You're a great story teller with what
appears to be an effortless delivery style.

Jordan Holmes says:

Dude, you are an amazing storyteller. Visually, verbally, conceptually. That’s why this channel works so well. Thanks for doing what you do and inspiring your viewers.

Bapster Man says:

You left RTE, a good job for life, you have balls to follow your dream, 👍

Adam says:

€1800 a year road tax! Bloody hell, thats utter insanity. Time to head north of the border…

Jim Aylward says:

De best QandA I'VE ever sat and listened to hats off to you my good man. 😶👍

oscar navarro arriola says:


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