10 Iconic NYC Restaurants To Visit When Social Distancing Is Over | Legendary Eats Marathon

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On March 17, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered all bars and restaurants in the city to close or serve only delivery and takeout in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. To pass the time during social distancing or potential quarantine, Insider is taking a look back at some of our favorite New York City eateries. From pizza and hot dogs to pastrami sandwiches and falafel, the Big Apple is never short of legendary places to eat. We visited 10 iconic restaurants in New York to see what makes these places a rite of passage for locals and tourists alike.

Episodes featured:
Katz’s Delicatessen – 00:21
Ray’s Candy Store – 7:43
Dominique Ansel Bakery – 12:57
Mamoun’s Falafel – 18:58
Keens Steakhouse – 26:18
Papaya King – 31:58
Sylvia’s Restaurant – 37:48
Peter Luger Steak House – 43:30
Lucali – 48:42
Nathan’s Famous – 57:22


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10 Iconic NYC Restaurants To Visit When Social Distancing Is Over | Legendary Eats Marathon


Mazoureoursky says:

wow. people are dying from starvation in istanbul btw. ur talkin about your stupid table. bravo gents. bravo.

Avishek Mazumder says:

I see medha, i switch video

Ironsix6six says:

Katz is trash

Hajar Renate Midbrød says:

ahhh Ray .. captured my heart .. what a hero <3

Greippi Granaattiomena says:

My favorite is Ray, I want him to go on vacation and I can do his night shifts for him he’s such a sweetheart 🥺 when I go to New York he can take my money, definitely going to his shop

StG 44 says:

with this speed piza will cost 299 dollars.

Leah 1 Tee says:

When I first went to NY, where I lived for 13 years, I was stunned by how much sugary and fatty foods New Yorkers eat….and also how so many of them talk with their mouths stuffed full of food!

mothertruckers paradise says:

All that fame and they didn't hbuy the space. No successful business should rent, ever. That's failure from day one


What??!!?? No Bagel shops?? How can you go to NYC without a bagel and a schmear???

parampampam says:

9:53 – God Bless Mr. Asghar, you are a true example of hard work for younger generations.

Alina says:

And for those living in the UK simply get the marks&spencer's YUM YUMs… They are exactly the same as the cronut

Tasty Things says:

It's like watching a food documentary. News reports presenting food news with standard format

sixteennaimaa says:

my only question is if any of them are halal 😭👀

felt says:

"thanks to things like gentrification…" ok.

Vasile Likes space. says:

I love Jewish people their always helpful and peaceful. But they will protect them selves if you cross them and they will do it out of anger but out of survival.

cakesandpi says:

Are all these places out of business now?

yonkoluffy05 says:

4:12 no one find something wrong with this statement

V R says:

Spend my all internet on one video

Justincase008 says:

NYC is gonna be dead for quite some time and it needs to be cleaned up again. Too dodgy now.

Justincase008 says:

5k calories in a pastrami on rye or a Reuben.. wow

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