Chocolate Cake with Rich Chocolate Ganache—Christmas Special Easy Cake Recipe

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As we bring the 2018 Christmas celebrations on this channel to a close, we leave you with a perfect dessert to ring in the new year. Our rich chocolate cake is constructed in two tiers. The sponge is moist and delicate, and melts in your mouth. Sandwiched between the sponges and smothered around them is a silky, decadent dark-chocolate ganache. This is a cake for birthdays and special occasions. But let’s be real, you (and we) would eat this any day of the week.


The tender crumb structure of the sponges comes largely from emulsifying the fat in the other liquids. Also unusual is this recipe’s use of boiling hot water, which apart from reducing gluten (which tends to make cakes chewy) also helps with the emulsion. Here, we’d be remiss if we didn’t credit ChefSteps’ chocolate cake recipe (linked below). Can’t thank them enough for turning us on to the hot-water technique. We’ve made several chocolate cakes in our day, and this was by far the best we’ve had.

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adishree ram says:

Can this be made in a pressure cooker or a pot?


For vanilla sponge can we replace the amount of coffee powder and cocoa powder with same quantity of flour ??

Ayush Nair says:

This is the best chocolate cake I ever baked. Period. Can you tell us which OTG did you use in the video?

payel Roy says:

Please share the ingredients in cups

Atrija Official says:

Eta gas e korle kotokkhon rakhbo??

Latha Latha says:

Can I use oil instead of butter? If yes, how much quantity should I take?

Muslim Women's Study Circle says:

Can anyone please tell me , that i pour the entire batter in a 9" container, will it give the same results ? I do have two 9" pans however only one small oven


Can you please share the measurements in terms if measuring cups and spoons

Prathamesh says:

Could have been an awesome video if it wasn't for the pretentious french music

Attreye Datta Mazumder says:

Could be please get the measurements in cups and spoons? Will be so much easier!

35 SaMaShTi says:

Hi @BongEats
I want to try your recipe
Can i use the same batter for budnt cake also?

Ishita Mondal says:

Plz ektu bolun normal pestry er base cake kivabe banai

Priyanka Bhowmick says:

Bong eats is my favourite food channel on YouTube. Taking inspiration from this recipe I baked a chocolate cake on my daughter's 6months birthday. I also did some modifications of my own. The cake came out to be awesome . Everyone loved it . 😊

VR Essentials says:

That is so much Sugar can I reduce it by 50%?

Geetanjali Saha says:

Can I half this recipe for 1 sponge, since I have a small otg.. I have to bake in batches

Asha Jose says:

I made this cake today. It tasted awesome….we all loved it. But there was a problem. The cake had risen and when it was allowed to cool, the middle part just sank and the sides remained the same. So it looked like a cake with a depression in the middle. Why is it so.

B With Nature says:

Missing the original music ☺️

Arushi Gupta says:

Hi could you please tell me where to get heavy cream in India? Have been looking far and wide with no success 🙁 Not available on Amazon, as far as I have checked.

Dolon Dutta says:

1 Slice Cake Ei Onek Besi Calories Thake Are Pet O Bhorbe Kintu Mon Bhorbe Na.

anupam satpute says:

My cake sunk in the middle after cooling down.

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