London’s Most Authentic Cockney English Breakfast At E. Pellicci | Legendary Eats

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E. Pellicci in Bethnal Green Road in East London has been serving a legendary English Breakfast since 1900. The Pellicci family has passed down the shop over generations. Today, Nevio Pellicci runs the café with his sister Anna, their cousin Tony, and their Mamma Maria, who has been taking care of the kitchen since 1961.

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London’s Most Authentic Cockney English Breakfast At E. Pellicci | Legendary Eats


Viet Le says:

How england won 20 gold medals is amazing considering all that food they eat

Jose Quiroz-Leon says:

Long live small family owed business. Bravo 👏👏👏

Napoleon Won says:

This video sums up everything that is bad about British food! Disgusting!

Санам Мирзаева says:

The girl who is producing this video looks like Kylie Jenner. LOL😂

Alex R says:

How much is the breakfast????

Nick Mail says:

I think that one of their forebears served in the British army during the war with Spike Milligan.

juan def says:

Beautiful. Would love turkey bacon option and turkey sausages or vegan sausage. The food looks great

Yi Yum says:

Good video 👍 ok Yi Yum

James Sinclair says:

Is clearly run by italians but called THE most Cockney breakfast in England 😂😂😂😂

Trust me as an englismen this is an average breakfast at best in terms of quality.

Bitter Beauty says:

When I first read the heading I thought it said Breakfast at E. Coli

Samara Weaving says:

Zero on hygiene I see.

joe broadbeef says:

On what planet is 12:30 considered " way past lunchtime"???

Debby Wu says:

London is a city, sometimes, I felt just like a home to everyone. Shop owners are kind and friendly, people are always trying to help you. I feel it's not all about English breakfasts, it's more about the warm temperature inside. I still miss the city, cuz it was the most friendly city ever

Peter Gillon says:

Rumour is, she's still eating that breakfast they gave her…. ( July 21)

Roy Burns says:


Paul Abc says:

It looks lovely and the lady chef seems lovely too…. but I don't see how ppl in this faced paced world now days can eat a full English and then go back to work… I need a nap after I've ate one

Som Halder says:

Iconic English Breakfast joint owned by Italians. Oh! The English irony. They can't excel at their creations be it cricket football or breakfast. Poor souls!

Ryan says:

Will defs be hitting the spot when in London!

Jack Me'Hoffe says:

I bloody love it!

19L143 Syed Akram says:

It coming to rome😅😳

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