Easy London Veggie Pasta

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After a long day of Strala Training I made this fast and simple dinner for the family. You asked for some real life things so let me know how you like this one! xo Tara

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l a v a says:

poolside – harvest moon cover =) yay  <3

Jacqueline Ledford says:

yay 🙂 Tara Stiles Eats is back! please? :):) thank you!

pmontidel says:

Anybody worried about the metal spoon on the non-stick pots and pans 😓🤣

Nanci Farella says:

Thank you!! Appreciate this motivation for eating healthy 🙂

Connie Leonard says:

Always love your cooking videos!

Maria Laura Ré says:

They say mushrooms have bad energy because they grow in the dark

Shaun Raimbault says:

Thanks for sharing! Nice kitchen, by the way…

shmoo says:

Mixing it in the frying pan would have been easier… Top tip 🙂

Above the Clouds says:

The camera-person loves you 😊

Harper Veresiuk says:

love your videos because they're so authentic and so you!!!

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