Making The Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme At Home | But Better

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Next up for But Better Ep. 6 we are tackling the heavy clouted taco bell chicken crunchwrap supreme. Can we survive this one? Yes. Yes we can.


Ideal Cast Iron for Burrito Sized Tortillas:
Stainless Pan I use for roasting:
Pyrex® Prepware Glass Measuring Cup
13.25 in. Cast Iron Skillet in Black with Pour Spout:
Cuisinart® Chef’s Classic™ Stainless Steel Open Skillet:
Good Grips Stainless Steel 11 lb. Pull-Out Display Food Scale:

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KENNtoi says:

sometimes when I listen to JW's narration I hear morty

Nectarine says:

I have arrived here to learn about what a crunch wrap is…in the land down under we don’t really have taco bell

Homie OnIce says:

joshua sounds like an older morty from rick and morty

Jaremey Martinez says:

my grandma makes the best tortilla

XT_Games says:

Joshua Weissman is the type of dude to make his food taste extremely good, while at the same time make it satisfying to eat with the sounds it makes

Varsation says:

is it just me or was josh's voice higher-pitched this vid

Atty Bonham says:

why does your voice sound like a 12 year old boy the whole vid

Keith B says:

OK, that fight wasn't even close to fair…

StephAgosta says:

Crunchwrap Supreme is an excellent name for a chihuahua.

0.owndatrack says:

Taco bell ain right with them 2d tacos

BranchyGiraffe says:

I did your recipe but with bell peppers instead of tomatoes it was emaculate

Britnay Lunay says:

Not that MY opinion really matters,, but there are times I wish we could give a thumb pointing sideways to express a "meh" instead of being confined to love👍or hate👎. I didn't hate this video, but I didn't love it, either😬

However, I always make sure to give one or the other for creator's tracking purposes & since I didn't HATE it, you got a less than enthusiastic 👍. Again, not that my opinion really matters in the grand scheme of things…

ThePhantomFanatic says:

I love Josh’s videos but I’d rather see a video of Crunchwrap supreme against Josh’s Crunchwrap with the exact same ingredients. I mean the nacho cheese and the ground beef are the chefs kiss to this once every blue moon fast food treat

Brehima Traore says:

What does this guy expect it’s fast food restaurants they don’t care about how the food looks. How about you try and create something from like Olive Garden are Cheesecake Factory instead of McDonald’s and Taco Bell

Valerie Bonello says:

My favorite video so far! Keep doing whatcha do, Papa!

TheUnholyOne says:

I was going to watch this video. And then he ordered two "chicken" crunch wrap supremes. And I died a little inside.

coolworths says:

I wish I could share a picture. Follow me on IG to see how it came out. 🤷🏿‍♂️

coolworths says:

Making this right TF now!!

Asma Salah says:

I don't eat pork, what can I use to substitute the pork fat

Scott P says:

That Taco Bell cross-section is so accurate. They literally have a sprinkle of beef and it’s hardly noticeable.

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