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Learn how to make a delicious vegetarian option for Christmas as chef Rich Harris shows you how. To view the recipe, visit | http://www.waitrose.com/content/waitrose/en/home/recipes/recipe_directory/m/mixed_vegetable_nutroastloaf.html

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Norris Forbes says:

Can you freeze the mix to cook on a later date?

Paul R. says:

Richard this is a wonderful tasty and above moist nut loaf the ones I have had tend to be very dry but this certainly was not. It is also incredibly easy to make and tastes delicious what’s to dislike …thank you.

Trish Wintour says:

Ive just cooked this recipe and it is delicious, much quicker and easier than the recipe I have used in the past. I roast the garlic on the tray with the nuts it brings out the flavour I think. Thankyou for your simplification and calm presentation.

just me! says:

Dear Waitrose TV, The camera work in this video is AWFUL. If the recipe is good you don't need constant changes of shot to keep people interested. Have mercy on the viewers. Focus on what's happening. If you want to be creative you could try taking beautiful shots instead of dizzying ones.

Carol Craine says:

At least $30 worth of nuts in recipe.

Mike Williams says:

"whilst your nuts are cooling…" I laughed too much at this part – I need to grow up. Going to try it though – thanks!

Ria says:

Waste of garlic oil it’s all on the wooden board! Otherwise, thanks for recipe.

SNAKEPIT359 says:

Thanks Chef. This looks like a delicious nut roast.

Christine Onley says:

Best nut roast ever. Thankyou

Christine Onley says:

This is amazing. Thanks

Vegan Space says:

egg is nasty what is a good replacement? maybe bananas?

dan dare says:

i put beef with my nut loaf. My vegetarian friends love it.

airyfairycelt says:

Flax egg and it is great. I love having a lot of nut roasts, lentil loaves etc. I can pick and choose.

Amber Rocky Horror says:

Can also soak flax seed in water to replace the egg for a vegan recipe.

LauraBee says:

Today is the first time I have ever tried Nut Loaf and I have to say this recipe is fantastic! It tastes amazing. Thanks 👍

dan dare says:

They never heard of Soffritto mix at my local Waitrose lol

Marie Shanahan says:

Wow!!  Love this recipe. 🙂  

Frances Andrews says:

Looks fab x

garryentropy says:

looked a bit over cooked to me

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