The Secrets to Perfect Baklava | Christine Cushing

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If you want to learn the secrets to perfect baklava come with me behind the scenes at Karakoy Gulluoglu – the most incredible baklava factory I have ever seen? The master, owner himself, shows me all his baklava secrets from the how they roll the dough- phyllo- so thinly, their favourite pistachio filling and how they get it super crisp. It’s a lot harder than they make it look.

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Sapna Sanjiv says:

Very passionate !!

Faizan Karoo says:

Nice video thank you for sharing Christine Mam

Brock Ary says:

What, no dates???

Nurik Samaeva says:


Nurik Samaeva says:


MonaLiza says:

Salamaleikum !!


Soğuk Baklava

Talkative Idiot says:

Am I the only one that thought it was baklawa

Fahad Aldowseri says:

More like dominus claiming to make the best pizza while Italians breath air. Aleppo people in syria made the best baklawa not baklava.

Emad Gaidi says:

Baklava is not Turkish!

K Bayraktar says:

Baklava enthusiasts should visit Gaziantep (Shortly Antep) province of Turkey. The city also has a very large Roman mosaics collection in Mosaics Museum and is very close to Antiochia’s Mediterranean coast. It’s the culinary capital of Turkey. Christians can also visit ancient holy sites in Antioch. Perfect place for those who like Mediterranean coast, Roman history, ancient art and Turkish cuisine.

Racha Bayarassou says:

baklava is the best thing eveeeeerrrr my favourite delight 😍😍😍

Nasibaxon Mamadolimova says:

Намунча унни бунча исроф килишади секин сепса хам булуврарди .Ислом динига шу ери умуман тугри келмабди

Bizarre Thoughts says:

the key is they keep it simple. Not about what to put inside it s about cooking timing and ingredients balance.

Volkan Ayyıldız says:

I wonder if you need a doctorates degree to make a baklava?

Kushtrim Behrami says:

No butter between the sheets ? Im shook ! But the result looks delicious

Bangtan 07 says:

Fact: no one can make it better then Turkish themselves

Kahn O. says:


Debas Debas says:

the secret is Too much butter

Rula Drise says:

sultans didnt eat cheap stuff.

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