what our 6 vegan kids eat in a day | hearty breakfast | family of 8

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Here’s what our vegan kids eat in a day. Today we share a hearty winter breakfast. We are a black vegan family in Atlanta that vlogs what we ate and we share our thoughts on life. Our family of 8 (including our 6 vegan kids) has followed a plant based lifestyle for over four years.

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Our other Vegan Taste Tests: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn9CDK-CKY1pxehHaqHwGe9zcVOUAEUFO

✨To usher in 2021, for 21 days, we are offering our 3-book Vegan Family Cookbook Bundle for only $9.99! Order here: https://www.thisinfinitebite.com/order

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✨ About Us
We are This Infinite Life, a dynamic black vegan family of eight with six vegan kids! We share our love of plant-based food through easy recipes, down-to-earth product reviews, and joyful family vlogs!

Some of our subscribers’ favorite vegan recipes from us include our vegan meatloaf, homemade vegan ground beef, and our delicious, healthy kale wraps. We’ve been among the first to feature up-and-coming vegan brands such as Slutty Vegan, Atlas Monroe fried chicken, and Daring chicken. We’ve also become known for our honest taste tests of meal delivery services such as our Veestro review, and the best vegan bacon.

Throughout our three years on YouTube, we’ve also been on the scene when a new vegan burger, chicken, or breakfast sandwich hits the market. We’ve traveled to vegan product launches such as Beyond Beef at Del Taco, KFC Beyond Fried Chicken, and the Impossible Whopper at Burger King.

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This Infinite Life says:

😮 Our Vegan Family cookbooks & Vegan Starter Guide are NOW AVAILABLE! Thanks to everyone who has ordered already! https://www.thisinfinitebite.com/order 😘😘😘

Aliyah Galore says:

I loveee how silly y’all are💙💙. I’m glad I subscribed!!

Sugar Coma says:

I'm making everything you did.. looks great 👍

Sugar Coma says:

Beautiful family….

For The Ancestors says:

OMG I clicked on this video because of the thumbnail and stayed for your beautiful family ! So inspiring to see more black vegan families on youtube. Keep doing the thing (:

dream luvr says:

so cute! 😭 great video

D. Vines says:


1EQ L says:

All of your children are just so beautiful 😍

Gabby Stroud says:

Your family is so beautiful❤

Eden Croft says:

I love your family so much. I think this is my first time meeting Baby Winston. OMG – So adorbs. Thanks for sharing as always <3

Simone Perry says:

I also followed you over here from your comment on Ellen's page. So glad I found your channel

Dianaly Platas says:

My family loves watching your family!! 🙏🏻❤️

K. Sangy says:

Where has this vegan fam been all my life?! Such positive energy flowing through your videos. Just saying “hiiii 👋🏼 “ from a fellow vegan fam. Keep spreading that light and love .

Elexus T says:

Came here because I saw your comment on Ellen video! Absolutely in love 😍 with your channel now. I’ve been looking for something like this since I’m black vegan and it’s hard being the only one in my family. I can’t wait to have a family of my own one day raise them just like this! Thanks 🤗

Linda Mitchell says:

I just love your whole family ❤️ keep up with the videos!

Nyla Psalm’s says:

Beautiful family

Mo n says:

Don't tell me y'all have 6 kids and 2 dogs too???😯😯😆😆… really sweet vlog!

Kanisha says:

Omg I can’t take the cuteness overload in this video! Winston is giving major baby fever 😍.. go head Rockie guacamole spread looks yum! blessings family 💕

MOM OF 4 says:

Aww look at baby boy getting bigger 💕❤💕❤💕. Wow I like how y'all take control over your peanut butter

Helen Turtle says:

Beautiful video and you are all making me hungry for breakfast at dinnertime!!

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