Wine and Food Pairing Made SUPER EASY

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Mikko Cruz says:

she is so lovely… I couldnt focus on the subject..

david s says:

It works, differently, but actually quites imple:

1) Flavoures in food are stronger than in wine. They "override" similar flavors.

2) So e.g. sweet wine pairs well with sweet food, as you anyway want to have and will taste the sweetness of the food. But that let's sine more the acidity etc. e.g. in the Sauternes in your glass

3) same e.g. for acidity, …

riseofthefallen301 says:

good video, but 34$ for a piece of paper? come on!

Lu Academy says:

Hello, Folly. Can you send the poster to me?

Chris Garner the Tuscan Wine Fan says:

Do you include side dishes when pairing wine with food?

Elke Wheeler says:

BLT on Wheat and off dry Riesling are a perfect match!

Akos Stelzer says:

Please learn how to pronounce Sauvignon Blanc. American ignorance is astonishing…

ACE says:

Both red and white wines were mentioned for the blt. Which one….red or white?

jumpshot13 says:

Enjoyed the video and the illustrations!
What do you recommend with cheddar and muenster cheese?

James Lockwood says:

Thanks for the graphic. Unbelievably helpful

Jerome Felizardo says:

Where did you buy that food pairing wine chart?

Alexander Bonello says:

You so cute 🙂

Michelle Orocio says:

Amazing content! Thank you 😊

Kent Piano says:

I just go by colour? White meat + fish do white wine, red meats + chocolate + cheese do red wine. I mean, keep it simple, right? Maybe my taste buds don't work. Oh well 🙂

meowwolf says:

She's adorable!

Andrew Wallace says:

Hi there! Loving that you're sharing your knowledge about pairing with us. I'm curious, would you have any advice for somebody that wants to take food and alcohol pairing to the next step? Do you know of any sites or online courses that spoke to you when you were learning? I would love to hear any of your references 🙂 thanks

Winosity The Wine Party Channel says:

I just put together a first draft of a wine and food pairing menu. It was really challenging because I wanted to serve fish as main course. This is definitely worth learning more about.

cristobal garza says:

Manchego and Rioja is a magical combo.

Patri Toro says:

Lovely, Thank you!

Herr Unsinn says:

Which goes better with a chardonnay? … Red or white?

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