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Cauliflower and broccoli soup and a lovely shepherd’s pie formed two courses of our first family meal of 2018. We like to have family round at least once a month to enjoy our vegan cooking. Both the soup and the pie catered easily for six people, so very cost effective. Enjoyed by all. Why not give it a try and let us know what you think. Thanks for visiting!

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Down to earth veganism with Paul & Jason. We’re a married couple from Manchester who love to share our passion for vegan living with recipes, reviews, chats, fitness, fun and the odd appearance of our cat Isis.

Although we started this channel in 2015 it wasn’t really until late 2017 that we started to work hard at it, due to things outside of our control. Now, in 2019, this channel has our full attention and we have splashed out on the right equipment and software to enable us to make great content.

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Paul & Jason. xx

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peta james says:

What a lovely family video….my goodness, jason and his sister look alike! I shall be giving the meat free mince another go after watching this and seeing what seasonings you use. And I have to say you two guys look just as good today as you did in these 5yr old videos….that'll be the healthy lifestyle👍 xx

Shirl Seddon says:

Cottage pie if beef sub used, shepherd's pie is lamb sub used…

Miss Horror Geek says:

Aww lovely family ♡

Paulveg852 says:

I skip the soya mince and use red lentils instead. I fry onions etc in water to keep the calories down.

Vanessa Marsot says:

I was just thinking I wanted to make a shepherd's pie. I have never done it before, but you two have inspired me. You're a complete delight to watch. <3

Top10UK says:

Great video!

Heidi Hammond says:

Love you guys 😊👍🏻 didn’t know that about cauliflower in a soup so will be trying that out tomorrow! I cooked a few of your recipes for omni family members over the Christmas period and every one loved it. Keep cooking 🌱💚

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