Cheese Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Cheeses | Price Points | Epicurious

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In the premiere episode of ‘Price Points’, Epicurious challenged cheese expert and noted author Liz Thorpe to guess which one of two cheeses was more expensive. Liz breaks down cheap vs expensive parmesan cheese, goat cheese, gruyère cheese, feta cheese, and blue cheese. For each round of cheap cheese vs expensive cheese, Liz visually analyzed, smelled, then executed a taste test before guessing which cheese cost more. Once the prices were revealed, Thorpe explained why a specific cheese making process costs more and dives into the specifics of how to make the different cheeses.

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Cheese Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Cheeses | Price Points | Epicurious


Maor Mama says:

She's good at cheese but not good at Math.

Chris Pacman says:

Basically if a cheese looks ugly it is costlier

Andrew Robertson says:

She is incorrect in saying that only two cheeses are wrapped in leaves. The most notable are Rogue River Blue Cheese (seen here) and Valdeon from Spain, but there are many more. I haven't tried the Rogue, but the Valdeon is amazing in small amounts (when I first tried it, it was the best blue I ever tried). It is intensely salty and acidic, so eating more than a taste will probably not be too pleasant.

Bouhezila Mohammed Anwar says:

a Gruyere cheese without holes!!

Wine For The People says:

If she develops a lactose intolerance would that be considered a career ending injury similar to an athlete tearing their achilles?

Mohamed Khalaf says:

Wait…….This isn't James May

Venti says:

No one:
Girl with blindfold: THAT'S GOOD CHEESE

ricky elvis says:

nutrition … not price !

Finnley Becker says:

i hate cheese and don’t know anything about it and i only guessed one wrong just by looking at them, definitely don’t need to be an expert to guess this

liam forsyth says:

If these videos have taught me anything, it’s that I too am an expert on many types of food, as you can nearly always guess the more expensive one just by looking at them

Undergoddess says:

ooooo i want to be a cheese expert 🤩

Berndue Lauert says:

what is a lb?

GarlikPlayz says:

Is she a vegan? 🤔

Ulises Aguilar Orizaga says:

I miss this series sooooo much!!!

The Last Of Us says:

When do we get a video on the Expert Expert?

Kyra Michelle says:

Umm I have a solid cheese phobia… So it's weird to watch people eat cheese 😐

Zizzy7 says:

3:19 – Well, you shouldn't be talking with mouth full of food.. it's rude and bad manners. 😛 Maybe you should listen to the cheese.

bree henry says:

I can’t believe I just watched this whole thing she is a wonderful speaker lol

kasuo jisia says:

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