Plant-Based Bacon and French Toast

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Suzanne Stein says:

I really feel like you need to respect Ann more. I have seen all your videos and I get the feeling that you feel like she is old and in the way. PLEASE respect her age and knowledge. I'd rather see you going slower and coaxing information from her rather than making it seem like she is too old to know what she is talking about. Yes, I know you all love her very much. Let this show more on camera, please?

Euphorics Global says:

A for authentic. Smiles from Californian missing homestead life.

kiwifeijoa says:

Nice recipes, and simple ways to make them without oil. Enjoy the way your family are all so curious, and love to try out new things.The original rice paper bacon (Laekon) was made by two Danish people. Using aquafaba instead of flax seed meal for making french toast will help it soak into the bread and won't peel off, have tried it with flax meal and is tasty tho.

Tracy Prefontaine says:

I am so excited to see this recipe. I’m WFPB but my family has not embraced it. I’ve made both the French toast and the bacon twice this morning. First batch of bacon was too Smokey to eat. Second batch I scaled down the smoke to 1 tsp.
The French toast stuck to my Scanpan so I put it in my toaster oven for 20 min instead.
It stuck to the Silpat mat so I put the mat in the oven while preheating the oven for the second batch. The logic behind that is I am putting the toast on top of a hot mat to discourage sticking.

Val Marie legault says:

What a beautiful and delightful young lady! Will absolutely try this!

Mary Davidson says:

They make square rice paper, FYI. To avoid the little edges you get with the round ones.

M Chagawa says:

Awwww, you're the best and sweetest <3 three generations of lovely esselstyn ladies 😀 thank you very much for sharing 🙂

Karen Carroll says:

This is sooo much easier if you put the water in one plate and the sauce on another plate. Take two full sheets of rice paper, holding them together, dip and roll in the water until wet, about 10 seconds, then lay on the plate with sauce and push air bubbles out with your fingers while making sure the paper is covered. Next, place on a cutting board and THEN slice with a pizza cutter. Much much less complicated, faster and the rice paper doesn't break. I make this for breakfast almost every morning, (with only my two hands…lol) and from start to finish it's easily less than 10 minutes including the 7 minutes of baking.

Phoenix Princess says:

Ah, the bacon is a must try

Leslie Kisser says:

Crile is wonderful! Love this episode

Gayle Karr says:

I'd use my pizza cutter to get the strips. Can't wait to try this!

Diane W says:

You're doing it the hard way. Check out The Burger Dude and his simplified way to make it. Don't cut the rice paper dry, soak whole sheet in water first then in the sauce then use pizza cutter to cut the strips of bacon…..also you layer two sheets together before you soak….they line up perfectly and easily. You're doing it THE HARD WAY LADIES

Yolanda Jackson says:

Toast the bread before placing in mixture.

Val Embury says:

Why call it bacon if it’s not, call it something new since vegans/veg etc hate meat. I’ll guess I’ll answer that one then, they like the smell of it or used to eat it and still want to eat it. Call it plunkit instead🙂

Louise Dolloff says:

I have been waiting for a french toast recipe with no eggs or milk, forever. I have just one teeny weeny problem with this recipe….. it has banana in it. I'm allergic to bananas and their cousins kiwi, so I need a recipe with no banana.

Lori Ledner says:

So fun to watch !!

redmaren says:

Please share how to marinate tofu and get it to suck up all the marinade! different ways to serve it up with flavor please:)

Sheila Taylor says:

Looks and sounds delicious. Ann you’re so adorable❣️

Jeanne Rose says:

Your daughter/granddaughter is lovely! What a great family!!!

Haydee Simmons says:

I need more time to get used to hearing children or grandkids call their mothers or grandmothers by their first name. It’s a cultural thing with me, I m not judging.

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