Jojo Siwa in TEARS after 9 Year-Old Shares Video, Reveals Truth About Girlfriend, Danielle Cohn LIED

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Jojo Siwa in TEARS after 9 Year-Old Shares Video, Reveals Truth About Girlfriend, Danielle Cohn LIED

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[Our past video about Danielle’s Dad exposing her]

[Danielle Cohn]

[Information on Permits and Driver’s License]

[JoJo Siwa]


Rat Squad says:

I’m a Christian and I don’t think this is right or biblical BUT we need to show kindness to everyone

𖢇⇙Elf Boy⇙𖢇 says:

Why can’t people just leave Jono alone???? And leave them to be happy

daphne jimenez says:

i generally see both sides
i see that loving is universal but i am a christian
now no i’m not dissing omg anyone bc i will love and support everyone bc god also says that love everyone just as i have loved you

if we want to be more like god and show our children to be more like god then start showing it start showing live towards ppl you don’t necessarily agree with
yes the bible does say that a man shouldn’t be with a man and woman shouldn’t be with women but it doesn’t mean god loves them anyless then if he loves you so stop with posting that THIS IS WRONG bc your not showing the love that god provided let her be happy and maybe one day she will turn to him

that’s all i gotta say just be happy for her and love her

Shoya -kun says:

For you that came for jojo s: 6:49

Mochi Dude says:

Daniella is just getting worse and worse ._.

gabi _28 says:

i think that she is such a good role model for young children!!

l-that one unicorn-l says:

8:20 i'm so sorry but i really dont like this girl ik thats mean i just get weid vibe from her parents so its not even her fault-

Rorry says:

yall been sayin dani is 14 for like ever. can yall just get over it

Soulful says:

Jojo is literally so cool

vanillxberry says:

why do people still care about what danielle’s doing? says a lot about people. it’s like they dont have a life and theyre so obsessed with hating on a 14 year old and being behind her. what a bunch of losers

Darla 💗 says:

I support her but she saying she doesn’t no what she is?.

Jax the trans says:

I'm glad Jojo is so happy about being out and being herself. You go girl

monster energy wh000re says:

all those rainbows in her merch and all im surprised by is that ur surprised shes in our community.

Misty Gonsales says:

Dude.. Seriously why are we attacking a little girl? Spread love and positivity… Remember we were all silly 14-15 yr Olds saying silly 14-15 yr old things for attention at a point…. GOD BLESS💗🙏🏼

Nova Vulpe says:

Personally I feel like people make to much of a big deal about "coming out" love is love is love. Why do you have to make it such a big deal about liking certain people its called a type everyone has a type. Stop making videos about it and just live your life happily cuz no one cares

Ami says:

It's not Danielle con is Danielle Cone 😭

defisok says:

I just realized Danielle is exactly 2 days older that my sister

Sephora Patricia says:

Uhm god gives you your own choice it SAYS IT IN THE BIBLE!! (This is coming from a christian)

Katashiko says:

The girl is literally a living rainbow

RedLake says:

Not hating but shes saying telsa instead tesla

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