Plant Based Vegan Oil Free Mayonnaise 3 Ways : Whole Food Plant Based Recipes

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Here is a healthy way to still have your mayo and eat it too! These three Plant Based Vegan mayos are oil free, refined sugar free and super delicious. The first mayo recipe is even fat free, using cauliflower as the base. Creamy and spreadable, any one of these mayos would go great on your favorite sandwich or in some potato salad!


What we use in our Kitchen:
Blendtec Professional 800:
Stainless Steel Drinking Straws:
Silicone Bread Pans:
Cuisinart Food Processor:
Citrus Juicer:
Sari Nutritional Yeast:
Dutch Oven:
Salad Spinner:

Organic Onion Powder:

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MOODY says:

what can I use instead of liquid aminos?

cleverest says:

I love it. Looking for the most convincing "butter" vegan recipe (ideally oil-free but not absolutely needed in this case) to replace real butter. It's something my mom loves and I want to get her away from it. Anyone have the best one?

N G says:

Awesome thanks! I'm definitely going to try these. You are aware that onion and garlic powder have sodium aluminum silicate in it, right? Aluminum is used as an anti-caking agent. You can make your own onion and garlic powder with a dehydrator.

Miracles Happen says:

Sister, everything looks great but the presentation was a little poor. I know your content is about quality rather than aesthetics but we are watching a video and thus we can only perceive the food with our eyes. It would have been much nicer if you had placed the mayo on a dish, on top of a bed of lettuce for the first, lettuce and sliced tomatoes for the second and lettuce, tomatoes and little fresh red chilies for the third!

Judith Thompson says:

Do you have a vegan Miracle Whip recipe.

Nic Max says:

I just love your videos β™₯️

Peggy Glasinovich says:

I’ve tried different recipes and I end up with very watery or separating in the fridge πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ? All the oil or water on top and the rest on the bottom???

M Thomas says:

I have made the cashew mayonnaise over and over. I love it.

james moa says:

I have neither the chipotle powder or liquid aminos – can either of them be substituted for something else?

MsInkling says:

Jill you already have so many fans but could I add us to that group! This cashew mayo is fantastic. I didn’t have enough cashews so I made it with silken tofu and the nuts I had. Increased the flavours you recommend and ended up with the most beautiful mayonnaise. The next one we'll try is the cauliflower version. Your show is great and the recipes awesome! Ta very much Jill 😻

Garden Jen's Journey says:

Thank you! So good to see a "soy-free" version. I don't use vinegar products, so I'm wondering for the "tang" about adding like another citrus juice like lime? It has a unique flavor. Also thinking about a version with a touch of liquid smoke. Great for "burgers." 😏

Barbara M says:

How long would it last in the fridge?

Mickey Shanahan says:

What can you use as a substitute for cashews? I think cashews fall in the unethical foods category.

Alexandra Costa says:

I'm looking for your garlic powder recipe and I couldn't find it. Where should I look? Thanks

Pavel Blacktown says:

How much is third of a cup?

Liane Rollin says:

Did you mist the mustard in the last one?

ƏyƏ 0f Xaxaar says:

I make one using silken tofu and adding red jalapeΓ±o or cactus to the mix. Haven't tried the cauliflower yet but will be doing that very soon!

LM SJ says:

how long will it last in the fridge?

Lynda Kirkness says:

Put the lid on the ACV before it spills.

Shoshi Platypus says:

Thank you so much for these oil free mayo recipes! Just what I was looking for. Since going whole-food plant-based, no added oil, I’ve really missed my potato salad (even more delicious with sweet potato) – now I can make it again! Thank you also for listening to our requests for recipes. This show is awesome.

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