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Whole roasted cauliflower recipe:

Cauliflower steaks recipe:

Creamy cauliflower soup recipe:

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Cauliflower is one of my favourite autumn/winter vegetables and in this video I share two creative ways of cooking it that are full of flavour. I also share how I make a turmeric yogurt sauce as well as chimichurri which really make these dishes delicious if I may say so myself. I really hope you enjoy this video and try the recipes at home!

Malin x

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Toward Rational Authentic Food Choices


Tonya Gordon says:

Awesome recipes!

Start Page says:

I am doing this roasted Cauliflower today (Now) but my steaks did not cut so well (florets fell a bit) I only used one this time BUT I will try this again as it taste AMAZING!!

Meryem Onel Walker says:

I made the cauliflower steak today and I just loved all the flavors! Thank youu!!

Bianx L says:

Did anyone catch the temperature of roasting in Oven?

trishy p says:

Gonna be making the steak as part of my Christmas dinner this year 🙂

Jasmine Samonw Rashford says:

It looks delicious I’m definitely making this for family dinner. Thank me, later but please please score your cauliflower before you lather your hands in oil.

Kerry Murphy says:

Love how creative and beautiful your dishes look.

Nealie Anderson says:

These look lovely! I will try them both!

ilcollins871 says:

She might be the nicest person in the world.

Nicky Gamalinda says:

oh my god. i love you and your videos they look soo goood huhuhu im gonna make em

Susan Scorah says:

I love this….maybe my husband will decide he likes cauliflower if it is cooked like this

Ekaterina Dimova says:

Love all your recipes. Can I use less olive oil in this one, I'm trying to reduce the use of it as much as possible

Feelings says:

The Cauliflower steaks look super good

ccc0424 says:

I made the whole roasted cauliflower today and it was delicious with the basting and the sauce! Thank you!

Mande says:

I just made the whole roasted cauliflower. Absolutely amazing!!! Love it!!

Very Alloy says:


goodmaki says:

This is intense self delusion.

Designing L says:

Looks wonderful! So creative!

Susan Nunes says:

Another video promoting eating disorders.

Lottie M. says:

Steak 🥩
Cauliflower is not steak.

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