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Chicken salad is a classic salad recipe with diced chicken, creamy mayonnaise, crisp celery, green onion, sweet grapes, and fresh herbs. But there’s a little something extra in my version that makes it the ultimate chicken salad – tarragon!

This recipe is easy, healthy, bright, flavorful, and will make any summer meal a breeze. Give it a try!

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Downshiftology says:

Hi guys – hope you love this new recipe! It's easy, healthy, fresh and full of flavor. I've been eating it on repeat for the last several weeks! 😂 So how would you eat it? Straight out of the bowl, in a sandwich, or in a wrap? xo – Lisa

JJ Reichner says:

I watched u slicing those eggs Now I gotta make deviled eggs for myself lol

LorenaDaumontO says:

Wow my mouth had a party of flavors! I love chicken salad but have never ever made it like this. What a difference the tarragon, aromatics and herbs make. I don't like parsley but love cilantro and that's what put in the salad. I had it on a bed of butter lettuce. Oh and I gave it a little touch of mine because for the crunch I added chopped walnuts. Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe, chicken salad will never be boring anymore! Love from Dallas, TX!

vl c says:

This is wonderful chicken salad, having my favorites, then plus, plus. It's my chicken salad recipe now, with one change. I exchange chopped apples for the grapes. No matter how firm the grape may be, it is still a squish cringe, and I much prefer the crispness of a Gala or Fuji apple piece throughout. INMHO, grapes are chicken salad spoilers, and I pick them out of any chicken salad where I encounter them. But do treat yourself to this recipe's masterful mix of flavors – oh that dressing! I bet it will be your favorite as well.

MrGoodwoody says:

This is soo good! I had it with Panera sun dried tomato bread, toasted.

Mylène Garon says:

Sooooo good! I'm so happy to watch your videos, you were missing in my life. Your salad dissapear in 5 min with my 3 kids, wow. The best chiken salad ever!! And very happy with all your recipe GLUTEN free. 💜💜Thank you

Claudia Stolen says:

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 😍❤️

Dionysus Infinitum says:

Amidst batch-cooking bachelorhood, I know what I’m having for lunch next week. 😍😍

Deshvyn says:

Looks good idk about the grapes tho maby tomatoes 😂😂

Cameo Chambers says:

Thanks! I'm going to use nonfat Greek yogurt in place of the mayonnaise.

Ma. Rema Tañedo says:

Perfect recipe this summer thanks for sharing have a great day.

Tobeyforever says:

No wonder she is so thin. Kudos fantastic fabulous figure by the way 🙂 Her language is clear, instructions easy to follow. Love her alternative use of ingredients. Delicious recipe. Looking great 👍and fabulous 🙂

Maybeth Shirah says:

🙁 I started preparing this tonight for a potluck tomorrow. When my broth started to bubble it didn't look like a simmer to me–it waa a random bubble here-pause-a random bubble there instead of a consistent bubbling like I'm used to. I skimmed off some of the fat and then it began to bubble better. Praying that it wouldn't be undercooked I put the lid on and turned down the heat. Ten minutes later I checked it: shoe leather. I've never had tough chicken before ever.. So I'm going to the store trying to decide whether rotisserie or another attempt at simmering would be best. Perhaps I will buy rotisserie for backup and try raw chicken again. Live and learn.
UPDATE: I started over with raw chicken breasts. I found poaching instructions that I could follow more easily. I also kept the cooked chicken soaking in a container with enough broth to cover it during refrigeration–that was a Martha Stewart tip that kept the already tender chicken moist as well. THE SALAD WAS POPULAR AT THE POTLUCK! Almost none was left to bring home. So THANK YOU for this recipe.

In case anyone had the same problem I did with overcooking here are the instructions I found for the second round:
1) Bring everything in the pot to a boil 2) Turn the heat low, put the lid partially on the pot (leave about an inch or less between the pot rim and the lid), and leave to simmer 10 minutes 3) Turn the heat off and remove the lid. Depending on the thickness of the chicken breasts, leave the breasts sitting in the broth from 15 to 35 minutes. Transfer chicken to a container, cover with broth, and refrigerate.

amazing 22 says:

I made for myself chicken salad and it taste delicious

stephanie sorrell says:

can i used the dry tarragon because i can't find fresh?

Enrique Reyes says:

Your a good teacher that's why

Naro's kitchen says:

Thanks for the recipe🤗

Eunsu Choi says:

파 양파 아보카도 샐러드

Joyce Miller says:

Mayonnaise isn’t healthy. Have you tried other options?

Leah Brum says:

Can you provide the recipe?

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