2 Easy Vegan / Vegetarian Meal Prep Lunch or Dinner Recipes

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Hi guys! Today’s video is another healthy meal prep! Both meals are vegan and vegetarian friendly, and perfectly healthy options to have for lunch or dinner throughout the week. My dish is a tomato basil pasta, and Kyle’s is a potato leek soup. Let me know which meal from this meal prep video you would want to try!?

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Tomato Basil Pasta: https://goo.gl/oy5EGy
Potato Leek Soup: https://goo.gl/KJvTPg

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Amy Hoover says:

I don't know why I'm watching these so late at night- it's currently 11:20 in the evening right now lol. All these dishes look good! #gettinghungry 😀

Amanda Cody says:

It's pronounced Fu-uuhh

Y&S FOOD! says:

Good movie! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we all love to detect such a content. We produce Travel & Food movies as well, around the world, and also we are constantly looking for inspirations and concepts. Thank You.

Elana Smith says:

Kyle has such a great laugh! I love these videos 🙂

Sabiha Pia says:

May i have one box of each 😋😋😋😋

Génesis Zam says:

Everything looks yuuum. Loved your outfit as well

Christina Graziano says:

It's nice you had Kyle in the video. So fun 🙂

R U S L A N A says:

the soup looks great, i'm waiting to buy a new crockpot [currently i'm using a rice cooker but it is very limited in cooking options]

Alyssa Caputo says:

You two are so cute together and these meals look great! ❤️

Krista K says:

Loving your meal preps! ❤️

Axelle Dupont says:

These look delicious! I'd try them out if I had an oven! Or a pot like yours 😁 Enjoy! I bet they taste amazing 😍

Mel says:

Yeah! Ive been looking forward to another video of you and Kyle cooking. I really enjoy Kyle's laugh, its really contagious…lol. Both recipes look delicious btw!

Wanda Amorose says:

Loved it! I love your Vegan/Vegetarian meal prep times together. Those two recipes were great. On my my grocery shopping list to pick up some ingredients and start cooking! Thanks for this.

Becky Wood says:

Use more water when boiling your pasta and it won’t do that ❤️

Koky Time says:


Rachel Alaura says:

Yum! I think I'm craving pasta now lol

Nicole Leus says:

Yay!!! Now I feel excited to meal prep as well! I love that Kyle is so comfortable near the camera. You guys are adorable! I recommend you to add some nuts, you need fats 🙂

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