5 Easy Tips to Eat Less Meat | National Vegetarian Week 2017

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Zoodles: http://bit.ly/2pPFJhz
Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Mushroom Sauce: http://bit.ly/2mLiCY2
Stuffed Sweet Potatos: http://bit.ly/2900WmB
Veggie Stir Fry: http://bit.ly/2lJbmsq
Vegetairan French Onion Soup: http://bit.ly/1NSLrJK
Veggie Chili: http://bit.ly/1shRlsX
Warm Eggplant and Mushroom Salad: http://bit.ly/2riVQVU
Caprese Pasta Salad: http://bit.ly/1Xl3gWG
Ratatouille: http://bit.ly/2n43UMb
One Pot Creamy Mushroom Pasta: http://bit.ly/2qoEYxY
Easy Veggie Fried Rice: http://bit.ly/2pPMArn
Tofu Recipes: http://bit.ly/2lJbmsq
Tofu Smoothie: http://bit.ly/2qK75dS

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Karen Anne’s Kitchen says:

Love this video! Great way to start eating more plants! The food looks delicious too 🌱🌿

SUPER T T.M.B Squad says:

You help me with my homework

Elzabe Vand Der Walt says:

I don't think I'll ever go full on vegan or vegetarian.But I'll try to eat less animal products.Starting with meat…

SandraFranciscaNL says:

I'm a vegetarian for a couple of years now, but my diëtist told me I don't get the vitamines etc etc as a meat eater will have. How can I do that as a vegetarian? Whats the best alternative with the same vitamines and nutricians ?

Soham Mukhopadhyay says:

Non GMO to rip the healthy benefit associated with it? out of your mind?

jinkies ! says:

lmao as a person who has never eaten meat this is gr9

Qui-Gon John says:

Do you have recipes and such??

Life with lizards says:

you are so so amazing at making healthy food look so tasty! 😊😋

Johnny Crochet says:

I like meat as much as anyone, and will not stop eating it, but that doesn't mean won't eat anything without meat. I like all kinds of foods, and will eat anything that tastes good and won't outright kill me. Has worked for me so far. 👍

Anggelia says:

hi, I'm just wondering. do you consider non gmo product is healthier? and why is that so?

Erica D says:

Love this video! Thank you.

squirrel says:

you are the best youtuber

Bhumika Bergman says:

I love how you give all the links in the description box so we don't have to go fishing for a recipe on your website!!

Laura says:

love this! we try meatless meals as often as possible.

Nichella Arthur says:

I am new to your channel and I am in love with this channel…well done👍🍾

Dana Lee says:

thank you DG,
I find some brands, for meat replacement such as gardien to be amazingly delish. i am vegan and want people to know its not just tofu. busy people can have battered "fish" ground bf style "crumbles" for chili or spaghetti. just find a good store and see what they have. one band i wont eat (yuck) i wont mention… people think vegans dont like meat. gods i loved steak, seafood everything but the coast to the planet and the way animals were treated had me say no more. check out good reliable sites. forks over knives is one…

Catherine Dore says:

Non-GMO and organic does NOT mean healthier. Science has proven that there is no significant health difference between organic and conventional produce. In fact, some GMO foods are enriched to be even better for you.

Ghia Somblingo says:

Hi Sarah! Can you do a video on how to slowly incorporate veggies into dishes especially for people who do not love veggies? Love your videos and recipes! ❤❤❤

Keto From Scratch says:

I really Love it!!!

Broadcast Neo says:

Smoked! Is it a flavor?!

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