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Rice and beans is a famously filling, classically comforting, budget-friendly meal, which above and beyond the overall deliciousness, provides a complete protein to give you the strength to get through tough times. So, what’s the downside? There’s no downside. Plus, this baked version is foolproof, and comes out perfect every time.

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Francis Atienza says:

Can I use a rice cooker?

GroundThing says:

I make a similar version in a crock pot. You lose the individual firm grains of rice, but you can basically do pretty much the same thing (maybe cut it from 2 cups stock to 1 3/4, since it'll cook longer), up until baking, and instead setting it on low about 10 hours or on high about 4 hours (though Idk if all crock pots cook the same so you might have to adjust). For me works well as something I get started before going to work, and it's good and ready by the time I'm ready for dinner once I get back home. I bet this works out better because it has better texture for this type of thing, since mine usually has more of a mushy risotto texture that I don't feel goes as well with this type of dish, but it's more convenient and it keeps pretty good as leftovers. You could maybe even cut further back on the stock to try and make it less mushy, but I would only recommend that if you're able to stir it midway through, since I find too little stock without being able to stir you get some undercooked grains.

Ah Mee Ming says:

I made this today. I love it. So easy to make. Thanks Chef John.

Margie Jopson says:

Well this is today’s din ty

Omar Hussein says:

Hi Guys , try to cook your spicy rice with chopped potatoes instead of beans , they really capture the flavor especially if you pan fry them with some garlic before adding to the rice to cook . And if you do that you can just cook the rice on a stove for 20 mins and eat 🙂 love from jordan – palestine – cape town

Bungalo Bill says:

Where is the garlic powder???

Roy Rose says:

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ConstantCompanion says:

This is wonderful! Because we stocked the pantry so well with canned goods and things that could be Stored, I have a lot of things like this. More recipes like this please?

Twa Becca says:

Hey chef Jon, you weren’t wrong this really is the best baked rice and beans.

SweatLaserXP says:

dey's gotta be a way to sneak in a little chorizo sausage in deya

SweatLaserXP says:

What if I told you that you can substitute some of the olive oil for bacon fat

David Collins says:

i think chef john is a bad person

The Fashion Cold Wars says:

Recipe says 3 cups of rice but only 2 was added in your video

Tony Downhill says:

It't hella good base to make your own kind recipe.

myrna0201 says:

Always wash the rice at least thrice before using. Making this in a rice cooker takes only 15-20 minutes.

Safira del Oceano says:

I made this! Or I used this technique.
Dropped the rice to 2 cups, upped the stock to 3 cups, bulked it out with toasted walnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, sautéed leeks, onion, mushrooms and garlic as well as a tin of sweet corn for a complete meal. Topped with crumbled feta cheese. It was so delicious and made at least 8 portions. Rice separated out beautifully and the cumin and chilli was not overpowering.
Thanks for a delicious, super easy technique Chef John!

Jimmy Patinson says:

Rajma Chawal –Chef John's version

greg goldman says:

I love this recipe…but am having difficulties substituting brown rice for the basmati. Any suggestions, higher temperatures, more liquid, longer time?

Peggy Lee says:

Wonderful recipe thank you and also could you elaborate on why you think that tin foil hats don’t work. Just curious.

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