Takeout-Style Egg Rolls Recreated By Pro Chef | Taking On Takeout | Bon Appétit

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Crispy, golden egg rolls are a perennial go-to Chinese restaurant appetizer and every place seems to have their own take on them. We challenged professional chef Harold Villarosa to sample a selection of takeout egg rolls and create his own recipe, making a homemade version that stands toe to toe with the restaurant version. Uncle Harold is ready to break out the duck sauce and get it done.

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Takeout-Style Egg Rolls Recreated By Pro Chef | Taking On Takeout | Bon Appétit



Long Live Nipsey, respect for the Crenshaw shirt.

Onlythetruth247 says:

OMG! I do believe that he is my FAV!!!!!!

Margot McGreevy says:

this guy ROCKS I like him even more than Chris!! GIVE HIM HIS OWN SHOW ALREADY

Ktbead1@detroit says:

Love you! South Bronx all day! Be safe.

Juan Cervantes says:

Ngl ive never hear of anyone ever putting vinegar on pork just to "open it up" i think he might be bullshitting on that one.

Steven Oro says:

What kind of moron thinks you can’t use metal on a cast iron?

E S says:

We love Harold!

Glenda O. says:

Chef Harold perfected his egg rolling technique at Lola Villarosa’s lumpia boot camp. Great video. Best presenter on the BA channel.

Minowg says:

Why does he talk like a "gangstah"?

Patrick Sman says:

chef harold is based af give him a show

Egg Salad samich says:

Love u chef. I won't make fun of you. I'll eat all your cooking compliment you,grab a cocktail and tell stories

Karm Esnom says:

??? I use metal tools on my cast iron all the time it is not like non-stick crap you can cut stuff in the pan with a sharp spatula.

HelloMoro says:

Hate series like this because they have the takeout sitting there forever and then make simple critiques like “it’s not as crispy”


Yummy! Who's craving for some egg rolls now?

Michael Gould says:

I absolutely love this guy, do more with Harold please!

Wayne H says:

What's the difference between an egg roll and a spring roll?

Aleks says:

We need more Brad and Harold 🤣🤣 Harold's awesome 🤝🙌

小孙003 says:

It comes with eggroll

Tenstorme says:

I just went and assumed that this was a god dman munchies video. It has the exact same vibe.

Chuck Harold on Gormet Makes for take out food, or you know the rest

Selene Noir says:

I would date the $hit out of Harrold 🤗 I was in South Bronx too. Where was he?! 😩

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