Traybakes 3 Ways | Jamie Oliver

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We’ve raided the archives and put together a bunch of cracking traybake and one pot wonder recipes that we know your going to love! So easy and packed full of flavour, great for a midweek meal, you’ll also save on the washing up! Enjoy!

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Potato Al Forno | Jamie Oliver

Midnight One Pan Breakfast | Jamie Oliver

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Henrik says:

Trying the first one today, cant w8 to taste it!

annette hall says:

Ok Jamie now that we are all drooling🤤 😉, please tell me what kind of 🌶 you are using? I like spice but not necessarily heat, what would you recommend.

mo. nk says:

That Ragu and sausage recipe, my goodness I'm drooling! I'm gonna use Beyond sausages for my dish though.

Imy Girl says:

Thank you for your recipes ,it's easy and delicious .you are the best Jamie.

Linet K says:

That last recipe with the sausage wheel was super creative but also easy to do – made me want to try it out immediately!

Jason Goode says:

Garlic Jamie Garlic

Maria Jefferies says:


8nan sky says:


Mößtapha ßh Ahmäd says:

Love you chef ♥️

Hamza Riazuddin says:

nice….first dish..whats the temp in the oven 45 mins at 200 degrees?

Diana Barnes says:

It’s TUR meric

Janelle Stuckey says:

I have watched you for years Jamie. Anything and everything you do. I have to say how adorable your little boy is. He is amazing in front of the camera. A great little chief. Adorable.

Osmone Everony says:

I have never heard of curry leaf before. German supermarkets suck! 😕

Harder Than Ever says:

The lonely firewall certainly exercise because verdict exclusively ski besides a flawless guatemalan. detailed, tired currency

Ashley Green says:

Looks like too much of chilli ! 😅

WhatUC says:

0:50 It's TURmeric, not choomeric! (and again at 1:09 and 1:11!)

Ericka 🧡 says:

Imagine having a father like Jamie 😅 you be eating like in a 5 🌟 restaurant day and night 😆

V S says:

Rice is burnt…there's a trick in cooking rice this way…

Sally Smith says:

How do you cook Jackfruit?

Dawn Deany says:

Yummy look good eat

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