How to cook WITHOUT A MEAT (Vegetarian MICHELIN STAR recipe)

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In this video, I am going to show you how to cook without meat like a pro at home. This is a very tasty vegetarian recipe like from fine dining restaurants. If you wanna enjoy the delicious food you don’t have to spend all your money in a Michelin star restaurant. But you can learn how to cook fine dining dishes at home and with food plating techniques amaze everyone in your house.

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Chef Majk says:

Can you enjoy a vegetarian dish or you have to get meat every time? 😜

Kai Korkeakoski says:

Using animal products, really…

Jonas Vielma says:

LO AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deepak Kandel says:

chef give recipe as well

Diana Phillips says:

We would like you to join our cooking platform Khal,com. You could get featured on the homepage………,

Bilah Bali says:

How to make blackchip chef?


But the hollandaise sauce is not vegetarian

Joe Mccollum says:

In case anyone is wondering, you can get the Black Chip recipe by visiting here: you do have to subscribe to his Patreon channel, which does include a very small monthly fee but is completely worth it. If you use Chef Majk's recipes we should be supporting this guy!!

Hakan Keydal says:

Hi chief I enjoy watching all your video. So how do you do the black one?

Nattapon Chanayota says:

What is the thing you deep fried it 5:51

neueberlinerschnauze says:

Delicous! We are shooting a documentary series about meatless fine dining in Berlin. Check out, if you want to. We need some support to get more episodes funded!

roshan perera says:

Hi chef how to make black chips

🔥#? says:

How to make black chips ??

Laura Ferretti says:

I love vegetarian its respectful, tasty and energetically it feels perfect 🙂

KuysNom says:

Wooow niceee


this dish is confused its trying to be a salad and a main course at the same time its not harmonious

Genius Tomato says:

Great video! Subscribed 👍

Felix Joubert says:

beautiful!! Is there anything i could exchange the mayonnaise for?

Prakash Bodwade says:

Majk, can you show us more of Veg Recipes

Kostadinos Akis says:

Give us the recipes ..for example grammars for pickles

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