Jamie Oliver on making the perfect omelette – Jamie's Ministry of Food

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Omelette recipe from the Ministry of Food campaign. www.jamieoliver.com Jamie’s Ministry of Food first aired on Channel4 in the UK in September 2008

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Mirjana Ursulin says:


Gurmit Singh says:

a steel spatula used on a non-stick pan!

Oliver LG says:

I'm just cringing at the sight of someone using a fork on a frying pan

Mohammed Khan says:

Excuse me but that’s a pretty shitty omelette!

wul wul says:

c'est pas une omelette ca bro

david anderson says:

I am surprised he didn't fill it with chilli jam. Hyiaa!!

Paul Butcher says:

Lesson here is never trust anyone who uses metal on Teflon.

Sharon M says:

Metal tool on a non stick pan? No…

Ben Cornish says:

If you don't get your pans for free like Mr Oliver, I suggest not using metal utensils.

Gibby says:

i have rtied this over and over, and still cant flip it without breaking up

Snoopdoggydog says:

Using a metal fork?

Riley says:

That’s the most basic omelette I’ve ever seen. This guy is a chef?

Mellusz says:


Ken Hunt says:

if i were a restaurateur looking for aspiring chefs I wouldn't ask them to produce a cordon bleu meal. I would ask them to make e a plain three egg omelette

soko no hage-san says:

At some point I got wild unintentional asmr tingles

Gonken88 says:

Wow, I have the exact same pan. Jamie Oliver tefal 👍.

Sarah Key says:

I'm vegan 0/10

Update: swallowed someone's eggs whole, no longer vegan.

Neon_Jam says:

When do you add the pixels?

sen says:

don’t put milk when preparing the eggs because they will not mix with the eggs and will be very watery

Miranda Wheeler says:

I do not care about Jamie using a fork. I will not use a fork in my pan
UNLESS it's stainless steel.

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