Reverse Puff Pastry Pizza | Jamie Oliver

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There’s loads of fun to be had here and is a pretty impressive dish to pull out the oven and serve to friends and family. What’s great is this dish can be adapted to seasonal veg so you can really make it anytime of the year!

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mike2langelo says:

Did he say 50 or 15 minutes at 180c

Olivia says:


Rikke Brandt Rømer says:

I made this puff pastry pizza today and its so tasty even my two teenagers loved it ( that goes for many of your recipes ! ) 🤩 thanks Jamie so much for all your recipes, videos, books 🙌 Jamie your a huge inspiration. !

Katie Burton says:

I made this tonight with an arugula salad on top and it was out of this world! My 10 year ate it up!!

Mary Kay Keshishian says:

I've been making this recipe for my family since I watched this video, it's so easy and so delicious. It's absolutely amazing. Thank you Jamie. I love watching you and learning from you. Keep shining. Bravo!

Bal says:

Anyone know the size of the pan he used?

brambik1 says:

It’s almost like a tart-tartine! salty version! Nice idea!

Greg Johnson says:

Just wondering. What happened to Jamie’s mate that took care of his vegetable garden. Great guy.

Sebastian Ortiz says:

you always gonna be above all the others food youtubers !
amazing pizza!

elizabete brandao says:

BRAVISSIMO. Ummm buono

Maria Cueva Camacho says:

50 minutes🥺. I will die waiting for the pizza

Claudia Okyere-Fosu says:

Wow 😄👌💯

Maria Remedios Ruiz Hernández says:


Joburg Foodies says:

Thanks alot for this channel.. You are always inspiring us… Love your food.. Thank you

Olga Farber says:

one of my most favorite video this year and maybe ever 🙂 Jamie, I adore you and your video – you're in such a great mood in your video, and it so rubs off! you're yourself full of color, absolutely beautiful, and so delicious 🙂 thank you! and I do have your book, btw, but you're so live here, it's so much better 🙂

Nour El Houda says:


Ioan Bristow says:

Jamie is nearly as good as me 👌🏼

80 Slim Shady's says:

puff pasty
vine cherry tomatoes
red onion

Nonna Bagdasaryan says:

Very delishjes yes 🙂😋🍕🍷👌👍

Micah Gen says:

So he kept in the head of the zucchini in, threw nothing away, interesting. Will try.

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