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Vegan junk food is getting more and more popular but if you’re going to consume it why not have a bit of control over the ingredients. This vegan cheese steak is the perfect example of decadent vegan junk food, I can envision some one on the way home from a nightclub enjoying this as much as any other fast food. We use compression to get a really nice texture and mouth feel out of our mushrooms we do it so often and think it’s a must have trick when cooking.


All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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JoseTheVegan says:

Give me more mustard!!! 😉

JoseTheVegan on YouTube

South Dakota Vegan says:

It kind of looks like the turkey cheddar melt from Charley's grilled subs in the 🇺🇸

curly_blonde_unicorn says:

What cheese did you use please?😁😀

jacqueline flores says:


morphice18 says:

I have to try this! I didn't like steak to begin with even before going vegan but replacing it with king oyster mushrooms sounds like a fabulous idea, great video!

Old Lady Poet says:

SO appreciate that the energy in this video is a little less panicked than your 'supper in a second' ones. LOVELY. Thank you.

Sarah K says:


Andy O'Brien says:

Try the Vegan Sandwich Co, Queen St, Dublin. They do a Vegan Philly cheeze steak and it's delicious 😋

Kayte says:

Baguette looks bangarang, chewy like they should be.

Yummy Cash says:

Girl I am doing this ❤️😘

Margje Weijdt says:

I love that idea of melting the cheese in the pan with the mushrooms, definitely going to give that a go. Will be testing this out for lunch over the weekend. Yum! Thanks lads.

Paul Molina says:

I’m my opinion this is pretty healthy!

Mike Skylark says:

Why only 360p video resolution?

Mike Skylark says:


Lauren Burger says:

Great Job !

n1lla says:

I do a similar recipe with homemade seitan instead of mushrooms as the protein. It is delicious.

Anonymous says:

I'm gonna tell my children this is the real Conor McGregor

Shane McDonagh says:

Where do you get the oyster mushrooms?

Apocalyps says:

off topic Why is this in 360p only? (I've tried on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera but the same result.)

Shirley Castle says:

Wtg Danny. Oh my that looks so yummy.

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