why i stopped eating meat // 3 reasons to go vegetarian in 2021!

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Hey, thanks for clicking on this video! Today I explained the 3 main reasons why I went vegetarian.

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The hamster guru says:

Im vegitarian 7 yr ago

Uftc 1 says:

I’ll start by saying I am not vegan/vegetarian and I do not plan to be. However, I do mostly agree with all your points. Almost my entire childhood my are family has raised meat rabbits (we want chickens and other animals but we do not have enough room:( from a young age we were always very hands on and understood how are meat got to the dinner table. At 7 years old I watched my dad process and started helping more with them. There is such a huge disconnect, like you said, between the farm and table. My mom worked with someone who was about 20 and they literally thought meat was made in the back of the store. When I choose meat at the market I try to go for grass fed naturally raised good stuff or I get it from my friends farms. I don’t think that meat should be “banned” (I knew some one who said that) but it should definitely be looked into more by the consumers. Maybe instead of buying from Fred Mayer look into local farms, it may be a little more expensive but you get what you pay for and you’d be supporting local ethical practices. Anyway, sorry for rambling. Hope you get what I’m saying. Also thank you for being so nice and not forceful upon others with you choices. Hope you have a good day:)

M P says:

Hi there!
Just to let you know, because in the beginning I didn’t know, check that you’re eating cheese with vegetarian rennet. Not all cheese are made with vegetarian one.

I’m vegetarian since 2015.
Plant based since 2018, I eat sometimes eggs or cheese but just when I cook for myself and if I buy them and I know were they come from. But when I go out I eat plant based 100%
And of course I don’t wear leather!

Good life choices 😊

Jon Office manager says:

I just watched the new documentary too. I have since then stopped eating fish. And have tried to go vegetarian…it didn’t work

Jitka Špačková Ⓥ says:

Amazing video, I am vegan from october 2020 and I was really suprised when parents told me that I can go vegan becuase I am only 14. Now I cook every meal and it's actually quite fun. You can definitly video with recepies. (sorry for my english)

Bettina says:

What's your name on Instagram?

Hops and Flops says:

I would love to go vegetarian but I’m 14 and my mom says I shouldn’t

Jolene Koolen says:

I went vegetarian about 3 weeks ago, after a failed attempt at veganism

Jasmine says:

Ngl I like eating vegetarian food it's rlly nice!

melinally says:

I could definatly be a vegan but not vegetarian. I dont really like meat but i can not eat eggs, cheese etc.

{sunflower} says:

I do kind of want to go vegetarian as I love animals and I don’t really like meat anyway


I had decided to go Vegetarian a while ago! It's definitely a more healthy option, I would recommend trying it!

ella🦖 says:

first! i think….

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