Artichokes 101: How to cook and eat this whole food, plant based favorite!

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Mar V says:

After watching you eating them I decided to try myself. Oh my , I think I got addicted to them lol

Won Pak says:


carla temenak says:

Add a few slices of lemon and cloves of garlic to the water when you cook artichokes Mmmmmm!

Anna Louise Berg says:

Jane’s hair is unbelievably gorgeous. I’m so jealous ♥️

Heather Moreau says:

You both are the best🥰

Jennifer Stewart says:

Steaming is faster and healthier ❤️

Clara Nimmer says:

They are thistles and they bloom so beautiful.

facshc says:

Our family prefers to dip in melted vegan butter with lemon juice.

facshc says:

I prepare them exactly the same way, but I’ve never boiled them for a full hour. Usually just about half an hour, and they’re perfect.

Christy Davis says:

NEVE have head of anyone eating Hollandaise sauce with artichokes

Christy Davis says:

Atichokes DO NOT TAKE an hour! and you cut the stem way too short.

Rene Frentzen says:

This is my absolute favorite vegetable. I cook these very often because Costco sells them 4 jumbo ones for under $6. Yum !!! I need nothing on them just plain

Clara Santiso says:

not ever pleasant to hear chewing.

Cheryl McPhee says:

Wow I’ve never eaten artichokes. They
Look complicated so I might have to watch this a few times more. Thank you

Tyler Harding says:

A spoon works well to remove the heart.

Maria Rivera says:

yummy .
how about seaweed can we have it or no??

Alexandra Davis says:

obsessed. love you ladies. you are stinking adorable.

Barb DePra Rapoli says:

Omg wayyyyyyy too much work. I buy the frozen hearts at Trader Joes

H D says:

So delicious!!! Great for liver cleansing.

Angel M says:

It was painful watching you clean out the heart, just use a spoon and scoop it out easily! 😀

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