Making a easy Veggie Stew with Quorn Fillets – March 2018.

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I decided to make a warming vegetarian “fake chicken” stew using veggies and Quorn chicken fillets. Comforting winter food. Quick and easy to make. Low in fat too.


cathleen mcdonagh says:

I've made this SOOOO many times and keep going back to it. It's just too good👌

Niall Guiver says:

This looks fantastic. I'll probably try to do a version in our crock pot. Thanks for the inspiration.

Robert Trebor says:

bristol temple meads has serious issues with parkway ….tip always get the roman city of bath route ..a little longer but usually on time

Robert Trebor says:

never used quorn ……yet ?, this looks scrumptious

JonTanOsb says:

Yum. I'm going to have to make a big chicken stew tomorrow. Maybe it'll get rid of this horrid cold. One lives in hope.
~ Jon, BC, Canada

Spuds and Spades says:

Looks fab. Definitely going to try this recipe with the Quorn fillets. Never tried them before 😉

Clarice's French Gardening: Lifestyle Channel says:

Beaaaaaaaaautiful 👍😁, that would be a nice curry Richard, yum yum, hugs x

Sandra M says:

That stew looks wonderful! I have been cutting down on meat consumption but find it challenging to get the same depth of flavor or umami in my dishes. I was intrigued when you added Marmite to the stew. What a great idea to add some of that umami flavor. Thanks for the great idea!

Elaine’s allotment Plot 4 says:

That looks sooooo nice I'm making that with chicken though 😊

Allotment Grow How says:

Yep, now I'm hungry. I'm trying to cut down on eating too much meat… trying to get it down to one meat based meal a week. So I might give the Quorn a go. Cheers Adam

Ronald Shaw's - Growing Area says:

Your stew is looking good Richard, Thanks for sharing.

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