Getting Rid Of All Of My Makeup…

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Hi Sisters! Today’s video is a cleaning and organization video for all of my neat freaks out there! My studio has been a mess for months now so we finally cleaned it all up and got rid of a TON of makeup too. Hope you enjoy!

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Creative Director: Louis Gargiula
Creative Assistant: Trevor Garcia
Editor: Ryan Allen
Graphics: Michael Rusakov


Cat Noir says:

I smiled when I read the title 🙂

Monkeh says:

When will this washout kiddy diddler realize he's disliked immensely.

Rifat Mostafa says:

When I saw the title I was like is he actually done with makeup and then I saw it’s an amazing organising video

2kxvibingcherryvs2kxlex!!!! says:

Who’s happy he’s back on you tube after what happened

Bailey F says:

I’m glad you’re back James💕

Jason Jones says:

Make an asmr vid with those nails girlie they rock 😫❤️‍🔥😏🙄

Dejanae Vassell says:

I was watching this video with my baby sister and she's like "He has a lot of makeup, I want makeup too, I'm going to tell mommy and daddy to buy makeup for me too but I only want lip gloss"
Like your three years old, I don't wear makeup so why do you need makeup? 😂😭

Cecelia Ehrhardt says:

Uuoo ouu uuoo ouu

polash khan says:

I heat dua Lipa aaa she is baddd 🔥🔥🔥🔥

polash khan says:

I am your crazy fan

Steven Staggs says:

Oh wow we asked

polash khan says:

James you are so ooooooo amazing and hard working

Celina Żymuła says:

my mom walked in on me waching these and just looked at me and was like "… please stop."

Faith says:

James should do a video where he tries out small makeup/beauty businesses!

Irisim says:

James’s videos are actually funny now

Alla Adamyan says:

Do we really need so many items in our life…?

Sad Vibes only says:

I love allyson

Sara Sara says:

Why don't you translate the video into Arabic?

Najah Hasna says:

Hi James Charles

Addison Moser says:

James you should do three looks using all makeup from the dollar store

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