DIY Bread-and-Butter Pickles Recipe

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Dan teaches Bridget how to make bread-and-butter pickles at home.

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Phyllis Craine says:

Back home in northeastern PA my grandparents made a pickle called Chow Chow that was unripe green tomatoes, onion, cauliflower, green pepper (I think) but I can't recall the spice mix.

Debra Hardesty says:

This is the best I have tried!

Lili Tincher says:

Such a great, easy, and tasty recipe. Thanks guys!

Catherine Acuna says:

Yum yum yummy I am going to have to try this
Absolutely beautiful and very easy to make.
Thank you for sharing this

Ellen's Edge says:

bread and butter pickles…YUM!!

Blondie6 says:

Is “Pickle Crisp” the same as alum?

betoen says:

Thanks dude. I made them and turned to be near perfect. For mine I think that dill would have been the perfection.

Tinkerbell Bo says:

I love this young man.

Adam Toepfer says:

I love these people and ATK. But….no one wants bread and butter pickles.

Blue B says:

Looks delicious. I kinda feel like it could do without the sugar.

Tony says:

Don't assume your kosher salt is pure.
I have some Morton's Kosher Salt, but it had anti-caking agent in it. I had to find pickling salt (also Morton's). Found Pickle Crisp at Walmart.

Shelli's Space says:

As far as the heating for 30 minutes at 185° why do we start with it at 120-140? And the time it takes to get to 185° does not count towards the 30 minutes correct?

t h says:

How long can you store these for?

Марина Медведева says:

I really need recept step by step🙏

NOLA Princess says:

Hello if you looking for a extra sweet pickle can you add more sugar like maybe 4 cups vinegar to 8 cups sugar

Jo Carson says:

Are these shelf stable, or should they be refrigerated?

Shawn Green says:

I miss the loud guy with the bow tie.

Susan Zigler says:

Waiting for my pickles to grow so I can make mine. Great ideas TY.

Tim Whit says:

Great video thanks very much. I'm about to pickle about a bushel of cucumbers

Randall Laue says:

What does “Bread and butter” mean?… eat on bread with butter? That’s why cut to that shape?

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