Gordon Is Amazed By Vegetarian Challenge | Hell's Kitchen

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In Hell’s Kitchen first vegetarian challenge, Gordon is surprised by each dish the black jackets serve.

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In Hell’s Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay. .

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Hyperbolinen says:

I'm not a vegetarian but I'd eat the hell out of all of those dishes

Reid LeBlanc says:

having vegetarian dishes in restaurants is the most basic thing ever. It shocks me just how few have them, let alone options for people with common allergies like dairy or eggs. I can't eat cheese and you wouldn't believe how little options that leaves me with at most places.

Kiddo says:

People who questioning if vegetarian eat egg, yes they does, unless if they are VEGAN.

Triscuit says:

Uncle Rodger be catching them lacking this video has no flavor

Mr S0m30n3 Unk0wn says:

Didn't think vegetarians eat eggs? I thought eating eggs would be going against the exact reason why they choose to be vegetarian

R Bharath says:

Chef:- puts egg in a vegetarian dish
*angry Indian vegetarian noises

EzaF monkyboy says:

i feel bad for mills He did good.

Bimsara Pathiraja says:

When did egg become vegetarian?

naga vamsi says:

How egg is vegetarian dish

Parth Koul says:

Sees that Gordon was amazed, that to on a vegetarian challenge

zack zack says:

Gordon to milly – ur son is a luCky mAn
As if Gordon can't cook🤣

Afro Jack says:

Megan: “To get out of Hell’s Kitchen is a reward on its own”

People who’ve been trying get reservations for years: “why must you hurt me in this way”

Pioneer Prepper says:

So is no one going to mention that eggs aren't vegetarian?

E C says:

Maybe she picks her because she's a cool person.

Karen Smith says:

Vegetarians do NOT eat eggs. eggs are animal based how stupid can one be! And I am not even a vegetarian!girl should have been kicked out as soon as she said egg!

Kermit the bug says:

The Blondie likes T that's why she always choose her😏

Timothy Cobb says:

The picayune hole socioeconomically pour because puffin hopefully own above a satisfying multimedia. loud, typical discovery

Jupiter logo Usa says:

Vegetarians eats egg whatt

Samuel Chelemer says:

I can relate to Milly about sharing takeout. When I was little, my mom was out of work and my dad was only making about 20k a year, but with 4 kids to feed, a mortgage to keep up, and bills to pay. Every Wednesday, on his way home, he'd stop at the local Chinese restaurant. But not at the front – out the back, where the owner sold BIG bowls of chicken pad thai for $6 to the people in town he knew were struggling. My dad said it was usually him as the only white guy, plus a bunch of old Asian folks and black women of all ages. That pile of noodles and chicken could keep us all fed for about 2 dinners and a 2 lunches each.

Headache - says:

Michelle looks like an english teacher

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