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In the UK alone there are over half a million people who have decided to live a vegan lifestyle. This involves not eating dairy or meat and instead opting for plant based food. However, across the globe, humans eat a staggering amount of meat and all these animals need land to graze, food to eat and are responsible for the production of methane which excelarates climate change. What would happen if everyone in the world became vegan?

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Nigel Covington says:

If we stop farming animals and use all land for plants where will you get manures to feed plant's, use damaging chemicals???

Nigel Covington says:

Read the bible, god gave meat because it is necessary.

Croissant Lord says:

If the world became vegan I would commit suicide because I ain’t living without a good burger

Samuel Oliver says:

A balanced argument from the BBC! Thanks 👌

The Oetkers says:

2 weeks of being vegan myself! I’m at my best self I’ve ever been! Healthier, mentally healthier, energy, morally just so proud. I’ve been intentional with cooking and eating and have AMAZING meals!! Love this lifestyle!!

Diniz Lérias says:

The vegans I know move like an apocalyptic religious cult with the dream that all animals will became vegetarians, including carnivores and omnivores. I hope other vegans are different….giving vegetables to dogs is also animal torture!

noego jimmy says:

Funky you too.
Just gave a hint about human health…
Judging by chimps, our common ancestors were probably omnivors…
I'd love to see sudden brake to the evolution.
Vegan shit needs ages. I believe we will not be vegan any time soon…
Maybe little sooner then "replicator" tech from the Star Trek.

Akhilesh Electricals says:

The future is vegan 💯

Gaspard says:

Shame on you BBC Earth for promoting anti-vegan populism and as a result environmental destruction.

Jed maple says:

Climate change roaring towards us and she talks about someones job and an little culture change being too much for the snowflakes. What did we say to other millions who have had to change their livelihood throughout history? Lets just grow a pair and get on with getting the health of our families and earth back. Animal agriculture is a large millstone dragging us to the bottom.

Jed maple says:

For anybody watching this now in 2021. She says that a plant based diet can't supply all the vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet. Then how come plant based animals aren't all dead?

Marta Monika says:

There is nothing better than being vegan.. feels amazing not to be animal cementary😁

ऊँ कारा says:

Can you quit eating food and drinking water.

Sara Collins says:

I love how she's talking about how healthy veganism is, and I had oreos, pringles and Burger King for lunch yesterday 🤦🏻‍♀️

Click Enrique says:

The Hawaii chicken may survive there’s no way normal chickens will

Jody van der Westhuizen says:

30 seconds in and "Although plants can't supply all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need…"
Wrong. But I get it, it's the BBC trying to sit the fence and not take a stand one way or the other as to not offend their viewers.

Jc123 _Inc. says:

Veganism is fine, the sudden change is impossible but as long as people gradually change the world will get better but yes if the world changed automatically then there might be some problems.

flowwithfede says:

It’s more natural fir animals to be eaten by wild animals than by us…duh. And world wide veganism doesn’t happen overnight…come on, arguments that have been treated over and over and over and that make no sense at all.
It would be a gradual process. The demand for animal products would decrease, the demand fir Wigan products would increase. The economy would shift towards vegan products and companies would adapt to the demand of the population by not breeding any more animals. It’s quite simple 🙄

Seven Ellen says:

Her: "Just fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts."
Me: "And peas, beans, legumes, herbs, and spices. Saying you can't get all her nutrition from plants is absolute rubbish! Where do you think nutrition comes from, BBC? I'll tell you: The soil. All nutrients come from the soil. That's where herbivores get their protein, iron, zinc, etc – You never see a weak, protein-deficient herbivore in the wild do you? That's how cows get their calcium – You never see cows drinking their own milk, or any other species drinking the milk of any other species either. Please research your subject before patronising people's intelligence, BBC, because you're making yourselves look ignorant fools.

patrick jackson says:

This lady is an idiot

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