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HOORAY for vegan food!! Thank you Purple Carrot for partnering with me on this video and thank YOU for watching. Purple Carrot was awesome and gave me a discount code for you guys which is below!
Im super grateful I got to work with them to help spread the beauty and benefits of plant-based eating! xoxox

CHECK OUT PURPLE CARROT: http://bit.ly/2Qp0bqV

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◆personal tumblr: breatheinthesea.tumblr.com
◆vlog channel: www.youtube.com/alisonlovesjbvlogs
◆business inquiries can email me at alisonhenrymakeup@yahoo.com

☀MUSIC: Epidemicsounds.com
FTC: Sponsored by Purple Carrot



Kimberly says:

I just love you. You are adorable! I love your videos too..especially the Purple Carrot creations but please stop stirring with a butter knife (3:11). Your poor pans 🙁

Stephanie D says:

Ahh these all look so good, and I have to say, your nails were making me hungry for black olives the entire time- haha! Love you! 😽🐄

Sandra says:

All the meals looks so delicious 🙈

emily Martin says:

What lip are you wearing!!!!??? PLS HELP

Sierra Walcott says:

I loved this video! all the food looked so good, I am definitely going to try the eggplant one!

Sayori Ueno says:

Hiiiiii<3 How are you???xxx Everything looks delicious in this video!!

Tatiana says:

Loved this ThnxXx girl! 🤩🤩🤩

xscarletfields says:

in italy we don't eat pasta as a side and with bread, we do pasta or bread because otherwise it's too many carbs! but looks yummy

ImRhae says:

I’m not even vegan so I’m not sure why I watched this but these look delicious so I’m glad I did.

Prettypandaphoto says:


JMarie580 says:

I turned my dad vegan, but he lives waaaay up in Northern CA and there aren't a ton of vegan options. He JUST texted me that he's trying Purple Carrot! Haha 🙂

Sloth Boi says:

These meals look so good! You should post more of these 😊

Reneka Ingram-McAnear says:

All of these look yummy! Oh and I NEED your tee😍

Hannah Horner says:

Yay!!!! I love seeing you make videos about things you love❤️ Can’t wait to try

Sandy Wang says:

Omg this looks so goooood🤤 p.s. I love your “y’all” and you’re absolutely gorgeous!😘

Sarah Zuckerman says:

These look incredible!!!!

autumn says:

thank you for these alison! i’m not vegan but i’m trying to eat more plant based and this is helpful. also, I can make these for my boyfriend to show him delicious plant based foods.

Kaj Te Briga says:

Looks delish

Alicia J. says:

Wow! These are super great ideas.

Taylor says:


Definitely need more cooking videos please tysm

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